Kenya Website Experts Cloud Hosting Prices


Cloud hosting is a type of hosting where several servers are interconnected to act as one system. The main aim is to improve the performance of the servers hence producing better results. Kenya Website Experts provides Cloud Hosting services especially to bloggers with heavy traffic websites.

Cloud Hosting is better than shared hosting and VPS hosting. If your blog has exceeded the resources allocated by Shared Hosting, it’s better than you migrate to Cloud Hosting.

Kenya Website Expert’s Cloud Hosting has the following plans:

KES. 19,100/= Yr KES. 23,100/= Yr KES. 27,100/= Yr
Unlimited SSD Cloud Storage Unlimited SSD Cloud Storage Unlimited SSD Cloud Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate (https) Free SSL Certificate (https) Free SSL Certificate (https)
2GB Memory (RAM) 4 GB Memory (RAM) 6GB Memory (RAM)
2CPU Cores 4CPU Cores 6CPU Cores
Control Panel Control Panel Control Panel
Email Accounts Email Accounts Email Accounts
Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Subdomains Unlimited Subdomains
99.99% Uptime 99.99% Uptime 99.99% Uptime
Website Statistics Website Statistics Website Statistics
File Manager File Manager File Manager
Select Plan here Select Plan here Select Plan here

Cloud hosting servers have high performance which results to fast loading speed for any website hosted by them. Speed is important when it comes to the SEO of a blog.

To start hosting your site, visit Kenya Website Experts via this link, then select Cloud Hosting and the type of plan you wish to buy. An invoice will be generated after you have created an account and ordered for Cloud Hosting services. Upon receiving your payment, Kenya Website Experts will migrate your site for free.


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