Number of Bloggers in India 2020


The total number of bloggers in India as of 2020 was 10,000. Out of this number, 4,000 actively post on their blogs on daily basis. Most of the bloggers in India started blogging in 2015 when internet penetration was experienced in most parts of the country.

Statistics show that at least 2,000 websites are created in India on daily basis with Bluehost being among the leading web hosting companies registering domain names for Indian bloggers. More than half of the bloggers lean towards news, entertainment, web hosting, gadgets &technology, business, blogging and sports niches.

About 90% of the bloggers in the country monetize with AsSense.This is a program which is owned by Google. Bloggers earn via AdSense through Cost Per Click or Cost Per 1000 views. There are a number of bloggers who earn more than R100,000.

The cost of starting a blog in India is $50 to $300.What makes the difference in costs is the type of a company you buy the hosting from and where your website is designed. I can suggest that you register a new domain at Bluehost and also pay for hosting at the same company, it will cost you less than $20 to do so. You can follow this link to check the types of hosting available at Bluehost.

Blogging is one of the few professions where nobody will determine what to earn, you can earn any amount of money based on your efforts. Making money online through blogging is better than being employed by someone who can fire you any time.

The number of bloggers in India is projected to grow to 20,000 over the next 5 years.


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