How Much Money Can You Make from AdSense in South Africa


The amount of money you can make from AdSense in South Africa ranges between R10 and R10,000 depending on various factors. More than 90% of South African bloggers monetize with AdSense, the rest depend on affiliate programs and direct advertisements.

 When a blog is new, making money from AdSense is hard. Income from AdSense can only be realized if a blog is generating reasonable traffic(more than 100,000 page views per month). A blog which is less than 6 months old may not earn serious money from the platform.

 AdSense pays in terms of Cost Per Click or Cost Per Mile (Cost per 1000 views). Statistics show that for a single click, AdSense pays $0.05 to $10, that’s if traffic is from South Africa. For 1000 views, it pays approximately $1. The factors that determine the income a blogger earns from AdSense are as follows:

  • Positioning of the adverts
  • Geographical region of your readers
  • Niche
  • Traffic generated
  • Traffic sources (organic, referral or social media)
  • Keywords used on your articles
  • Season of the year
  • Domain authority/age

Positioning of the adverts

Adverts positioned near/at the header or inside the posts earn more than those at the side bar or at the footer. Readers always view adverts inside the posts and above the posts because that’s where they spend most of the time while reading your content. Adverts at the side bar are viewed by readers who are seeking more information apart from the one in the post.

Geographical region of your readers

If you are lucky to get readers from UK, USA, UAE, Canada, Australia and Germany, your income will be higher than someone getting traffic from African region. Your content should always target readers from developed regions. With 100,000 page views, you will earn over $1000 if your audience is from a country like USA.


If your content covers politics, news and entertainment, you won’t earn much as compared to a blogger covering topics like web hosting, mortgage, Loans, business, banking, insurance, health and forex.

A niche like mortgages can generate 10,000 visits per month but earn $500 while entertainment generates 300,000 visits and generates the same amount.

Traffic generated

The more traffic generated the higher the income. Here is what you expect to earn in South Africa based on traffic:

10,000 page views—$20

20,000 page views—$35
50,000 page views—$65

100,000 page views—$120

500,000 page views—$700

1 million page views—$1,300

Traffic sources

Organic traffic generates more income than social traffic. Google assumes that when someone searches for some information online, they are likely to click on an advert that contains the product being sought. The CPC for organic searches is higher than that of social media traffic.

As a blogger, you should aim to generate more organic traffic as opposed to social media traffic. Learn how to use the correct long tail keywords. There are two SEO tools that can boost your organic traffic:

LongTail Pro(sign up for free)

SEMrush(Sign up free)

Ensure that more than 50% of your traffic is organic.

Keywords used on your articles

Google sends adverts based on the keywords you use. Well-structured content with the right keywords will receive the best adverts. The tools listed above will guide you on how to use the keywords.

If your articles don’t have the right keywords, AdSense will only send you general adverts which attract low CPC.

Season of the year

There are seasons when AdSense does extremely well for certain keywords. For instance, during the festive season, smartphones and food are bought in plenty—all the focus is on merry making. The keywords for smartphones, food, vehicles and other lifestyle products are high. After the festive season, students embark on returning to school, this is when keywords for laptops, school items and farm produce are high.

Domain Authority

Websites which have been in the industry for long attract the best adverts—this is because Google recognizes most of them as authority sites.

Apart from the factors listed above, the only sure way of earning more money from AdSense is to generate more traffic and ensure that your content is of high quality. You should also post articles with more than 500 words. The more a visitor stays in your website, the more they are likely to click on the advert.