Best Stories for Bloggers To Write in May 2020


If you’re a blogger and your wish is to write viral stories, we have the best list for you. This month of May, you need to create content that will attract as many readers as possible.

COVID-19 is still a threat to many nations, offices are closed and almost everyone is online to search for useful information. To help them get answers, write the following posts:

How to make money online in 2020

  • COVID-19 cases per country
  • Best business to do online
  • Money required to start a blog
  • How to create a WordPress website
  • When will Coronavirus end
  • Bundesliga(Germany) League fixtures and predictions
  • When will the English Premier League return
  • Popular people who are infected with COVID-19
  • How to survive without a job
  • List of countries not affected by COVID-19

You can use tools like SEMrush or LongTail Pro to search for trending topics among your competitors.

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Any of this stories will generate up to 1 million page views in a month. Make sure you write long and quality articles; each article should have more than 1,000 words.


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