How to Make Money Online in Tanzania 2020


There are over 15 ways of making money online in Tanzania, especially in the year 2020.One advantage of online business is that the cost of starting is always low. With as little as Tsh 20,000, you’ll comfortably start a business like blogging.

Here are genuine ways of making money online in Tanzania:

  • Blogging

Blogging is a good business, it can generate up to Tsh 10 million per month. The capital required to start this kind of business is less than Tsh 100,000.

The first step is to register a domain name, pay for hosting services and finally design a website. For domain registration and web hosting services, you can visit Bluehost via this link

There are many web design companies in Tanzania which will do a wonderful website for you. After paying for hosting, look for a web designer and pay them less than Tsh 50,000.

When a website is ready, start posting content on your site. You will then look for ways to earn money from your blog. I suggest that you sign up for AdSense or MGID.

  • Start selling betting tips

You can also sell betting tips and make money every day. There are many betting companies in Tanzania and people are looking for serious people to buy tips from. If you are good in analyzing tips, market yourself through WhatsApp,Twitter and Facebook. You can also create your own website and start analyzing betting tips.Register a domain name via this link

  • Join affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing will also enable you to make money online in Tanzania. One of the best affiliate programs is Jumia.The company pays in terms of commissions and in a month, you can make more than Tsh 200,000.

Affiliate marketing does not necessarily need a blog, one can market through Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

  • Become a social media influencer

If you manage to develop social media pages and become popular, you can then become an influencer where you will advertise products for companies on social media.

Nowadays most companies advertise on social media, they look for influential people to push their products. One advert can generate in excess of Tsh 300,000.

  • Start e-commerce site

E-commerce site like Jumia will bring a lot of money in Tanzania especially this time when Jumia is moving out of Tanzania. If you can sell cheap electronics and clothes, people will buy from your site and you deliver.

To start an e-commerce website/online shop, you need approximately Tsh 1 million.

  • Become a broker

Another easy way to make money online is to become a broker. This work entails connecting buyers and sellers of land, houses, vehicles etc. You earn a commission after something has been sold.

  • Advertise jobs and write CVs

Another sure way of earning money online in Tanzania is to advertise jobs for companies. You can also write CVs for job seekers and also cover letters. One CV will cost Tsh 20,000 and above.

  • Academic writing

Academic writing is another popular activity you can do online. This one is applicable for university and college students. There are students who don’t like doing proposals and research work. If you are good in that, you can make a lot of money online.

If you can do any of the listed jobs above, making money online will be simple.


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