Liquid Web Private Cloud Hosting Prices


Sometimes Cloud Hosting is better than Dedicated Servers. In Cloud Hosting, several servers are linked to work together so as to produce efficient performance. Even websites with several millions of visitors per day will be hosted by this type of hosting.

Most demanding websites are better handled by Liquid Web’s Cloud Hosting environment. There are three major plans under this package:

  • Two Nodes
  • Three Nodes
  • Five Nodes

The pricing and features of each plan are as follows:

Two Nodes Three Nodes Five Nodes
$1,599/month $2,999/month $5,299/month
32 Cores 48 Cores 80 Cores
128 GB RAM 576 GB RAM 960 GB RAM
2.5 TB SAN Storage 5 TB SAN Storage 10 TB SAN Storage
Select plan here Select plan here Select plan here

Private Cloud Hosting is specifically for viral websites. If your blog gets over 1 million visitors per month, this is the best hosting plan for you. There are also several other plans which are available for medium and small websites,click here to check all the plans

The good thing about this type of hosting is that your website will never go offline no matter what. Liquid Web have specific staff to manage the servers for Private Cloud Hosting clients. Another advantage is that the servers have more resources than dedicated servers.


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