Average Amount of Money for Hosting a Website Per Month


The average amount for hosting a website per month is $20.However, there are several factors that determine the exact amount to pay, such as:

  • Subscription period
  • Website traffic
  • Type of web hosting company
  • Amount of resources a website consumes
  • Type of hosting plan

Subscription period

Most web hosting companies have one month or one-year subscription plans. Clients who subscribe for one month pays more than those who prefer one year. For instance, if you choose starter plan at Kinsta and opt to pay monthly, in one year you’ll pay $360 but if you pay ones in a year, you’ll pay a total of $300.

Bluehost also has several payment structures. Most clients pay either ones a year or after every six months. Those who prefer to pay ones a year, pay less than those paying every six months. The minimum amount of hosting at Bluehost is $3.95 per month.Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies in the world, you can visit the company’s website via this link and check all the plans

 It’s better to pay for one year than paying for a shorter period.

Website traffic

Some companies charge based on the number of visitors your website receives. One of the hosting companies doing the same is Kinsta,it charges $30 per 20,000 visits. Visits and page views are totally different. When you talk of visits, it means the number of individuals opening your website and when we talk about page views, it means the number of pages opened by the visitors. A website can have 100,000 page views but only register 10,000 visits.

Most bloggers prefer websites that charge in terms of visits as compared to bandwidth and disk space. To learn more about Kinsta,follow this link

The more traffic a website receives the more the cost of hosting.

Type of web hosting company

The type of web hosting company also determines how much you spend on hosting. If you are not careful, you’ll spend more than $100 every month on a new website. Some hosting companies have hidden charges. When they learn that you heavily depend on them, they significantly increase the cost of hosting, they even make it hard for you to move from their platforms.

It’s paramount that you review each hosting company to determine the one that won’t disappoint you. Select a company like Bluehost if you need cheap and quality services.

Amount of resources a website consumes

There are few elements in a website that determine how much you spend on hosting. Each hosting company determines pricing based on these factors:

  • Bandwidth
  • Disk Space
  • Traffic level
  • Memory

It’s upon the website owner to reduce the cost of hosting by ensuring that the site is light. Use light themes especially those from ThemeForest,click here to see various types of themes.Use light images. Ensure that your site does not have many adverts, especially AdSense.

Type of hosting plan

There are several types of hosting plans, they include:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Shared Hosting plan is the cheapest, followed by Cloud Hosting, VPS, Managed WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Server respectively.

The average price you should pay for each hosting plan is as follows:

  • Shared Hosting–$30 per month
  • Cloud Hosting—$50 per month
  • VPS Hosting–$100 per month
  • Dedicated Server Hosting—$200 per month
  • Managed WordPress Hosting—$150 per month

For shared hosting services,follow this link

For the best Managed WordPress hosting,follow this link

For the best Dedicated Server Hosting,follow this link

For my case, I figure out the amount to pay based on traffic I receive. Generally, this is the amount of money to pay on hosting per month based on traffic:

  • 0-50,000 page views—$20 per month
  • 50,000-300,000 page views—$50 per month
  • 300,000-600,000 page views—$120 per month
  • 600,000-1 million page views—$150 per month
  • 1 million—3 million page views—$250 per month
  • Over 3 million page views—$400 and above per month

If you have a new website, don’t spend more than $20 per month—always go for shared hosting plans. When your blog becomes popular, you can go for Managed WordPress Hosting or Dedicated Server hosting.


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