Why Daily Post Kenya Was Closed


Daily Post Kenya has officially been closed. The blog has been inexistence for more than 8 years. Mr Obare, the owner of the blog decided to close the blog after it was banned from AdSense and later Facebook.

AdSense banned Daily Post when it was using the domain name www.kenyan-post.com, this was in 2018.In 2019 Facebook completely banned the blog from its platform for sharing adult content.

By the time Daily Post was being banned by AdSense, it was earning Ksh 600,000 every month. Obare was forced to turn to MGID for monetization which also didn’t work well for him. Later, he tried affiliate marketing which failed again. Due to a series of disappointments, he decided to do away with Kenyan Post and start new blogs.

In 2020, Rioba registered Business Post and Post.co.ke in order to replicated the success he got while operating Kenyan Post. The two domains are less than 2 months old.

Currently, the man is struggling to earn a living from Odibets, which is the only company advertising on his blogs.

Daily Post becomes the second popular blog to be closed in Kenya in a span of three months. Hivi sasa was closed earlier this year after it was banned by AdSense. The company sent home over 20 workers.

The owner of Daily Post will have to wait for more than 3 years for the new blogs to register significant success. One of the challenges he will face is to ensure his old fans are aware of the new domains. He also faces the challenge of monetization. Nobody will advertise on a blog without organic traffic.

If I had time to advise him, I could have told him not to close the old domain because it commands high authority.