List of Jobs that can make you a millionaire in Kenya


If you want to become a millionaire in Kenya, there are specific jobs you should do. There are also other careers which can confine you to poverty, like education and customer care.

While selecting an ideal university course, make sure you pick the right course—one that will earn you millions in a month. To become a millionaire, here are the jobs to do:

  • Medical Doctor

An experienced medical doctor earns in excess of Ksh 400,000 per month in Kenya. In addition, this individual earns from his private hospital/clinic. If a doctor positions himself well, he will make over Ksh2 million every month.

The good thing about this career is that you won’t lack employment or a side hustle.

A medical doctor in Kenya can only become poor if they wish.

  • Law

Lawyers are among the highest paid individuals in Kenya. It takes about 6 years for one to qualify as a lawyer and an average of 3 years to learn the basics of practicing law. After three years, someone from a humble background will start wearing special designer suits and drive top of the range cars. Most of the experienced lawyers live in leafy suburbs like Runda, Karen and Muthaiga.Those with law firms earn in excess of Ksh5 million every month.

Any student pursuing law is assured of becoming a millionaire at one time.

  • Piloting

Piloting is another job that will make you a millionaire easily. You will spend Ksh5.5 million to train as a pilot but when you get a job, your starting salary is Ksh500,000 per month. There is no single pilot in Kenya who’s struggling in life.

 Kenya Airways pays an experienced pilot over Ksh1.1 million. A pilot trainee earns over Ksh250,000. With this salary, you can invest and easily become a millionaire.

  • Finance Director/CFO

When you are in charge of finances in a private or public institution, it’s hard to end up poor. Blue chip companies like Safaricom will pay you Ksh5 million every month and a bonus of Ksh 50 million every year. Why would someone be poor with all this money?!!!

  • Procurement/Logistics

Procurement is another department in every organization where you earn more money from deals than from your salary. If you are lucky to secure employment in a government institution as a procurement manager, I assure you it won’t take three years before you become a millionaire.

  • CEO/Managing Director

A CEO is the head of any organization. The average salary of a CEO in Kenya is Ksh 1 million per month. Every profit making organization pays monthly salary and bonuses…there are also several allowances, including free accommodation.

The moment you become a CEO, your life changes completely.

  • Online marketing

Online marketing is a bit complicated but it’s one of the areas where you’ll become a millionaire without the community noticing. Social media influencers and bloggers are among the upcoming millionaires, in the next few years, there will be several millionaires from this industry. There are bloggers who earn in excess of Ksh1 million per month. The good thing about blogging is that the capital required is low–with as little as Ksh 10,000, you’ll register a blog and start making money. If you wish to become a blogger,click here to register a domain name at Kenya Website Experts

  • Member of Parliament/Governor

If you happen to be a governor or Member of parliament, I don’t see why you should not become a millionaire. Currently, all governors are rich, most of them steal up to Ksh1 billion per year. MPs are also rich because they get access to tenders, they also earn modest pay—over Ksh1.2 million every month.

  • Software Engineer

Software Engineering is the only engineering course which can guarantee good returns on form of salary. Even when you are not employed, you can still earn millions by developing Apps for companies.

Software engineers in companies like Google, IBM and Safaricom earn more than Ksh600,000 per month.


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