Who Owns Mpasho News


Mpasho News is owned by Radio Africa. The blog was registered in 2015.Radio Africa is owned by Patrick Quarcoo, a Ghanaian entrepreneur who has vast interests in the media industry.

Mpasho News features entertainment stories and latest news in Kenya, it’s one of the most visited entertainment blogs in the country.

Mpasho’s origin was dramatic. In 2013, Radio Africa marketing group lead by Caroline Mutoko approached Ghafla management in a bid to acquire the blog. Majani, the owner of Ghafla, was presented with Ksh15 million which he declined. Caroline met him the second time with an offer of Ksh20 million plus a managerial position at Radio Africa, Majani declined again. In 2013, Ghafla was pulling in over Ksh 1.2 million per month and was ranked as the leading entertainment blog in Kenya.

When Radio Africa management got disappointed, they went ahead and register Mpasho. Since then, the blog has been operating in the country, attracting millions of readers. Initially, most of its revenue was from AdSense but in 2019, Google removed them from its platform. They went ahead and joined MGID and Taboola which they are now monetizing with. Mpasho also earns from sponsored content and direct banner adverts.

Radio Africa also owns Kiss FM, The Star and Radio Jambo, both have active blogs.But Mpasho and The Star are the most visible.

Mpasho traffic graph

Mpasho is ranked at position 10,000 globally and 17 in Kenya. The blog generates upwards of Ksh 500,000 per month. Mpasho receives over 1 million monthly visits where majority of them are from Kenya.



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