Best Online Business to Start with Ksh 50,000 to Ksh100,000 in Kenya


There are several online businesses you can start with Ksh50,000 to Ksh100,000 in Kenya and become a millionaire over time. Online business is the most ideal venture in the modern world because of the low capital required to set up. Operating online business is also less prone to security threats.

If you have a capital of Ksh50,000 to Ksh100,000, here is the list of best and most profitable online businesses to do in Kenya:

  • Web hosting business

Most Kenyans have never known that they can start web hosting company even without acquiring the necessary licenses required by the government. Well, with just Ksh50,000, you’ll comfortably launch a profitable web hosting company and start making money online…you can even start with as little as Ksh20,000. This is what to do:

We have a type of web hosting package known as Reseller which some of the companies in Kenya offer,Kenya Website Experts is one of them. Reseller hosting at Kenya Website Experts costs Ksh 2,900 to Ksh6,000 per month, you can check all the details via this link

Reseller means that you can buy and sell to your clients as well.

To start your own web hosting company, you need the following:

Domain name

A website

Payment system

You will register a domain name and buy reseller hosting space from Kenya Website Experts, they will also design a professional website for you. The entire process will cost less than Ksh40,000.

After the website is complete, start marketing yourself on social media and through your blog, you can also sponsor articles in various blogs. To buy reseller hosting,follow this link to visit Kenya Website Experts page

  • Blogging

Another business that’s taking Kenyans places is blogging. In this era of joblessness, it’s important that you seek opportunities that will not only keep you busy, but also generate a living. To own a blog in Kenya, you need a capital of less than Ksh 20,000. I have found several youths asking about blogging, the main question they ask is how to start blogging. The hardest part is how to take the first step. In order to start blogging, you need a domain name and a website, the two can be obtained from Kenya Website Experts or HostPinnacle. You will spend less than Ksh25,000.

All you need is to contact any of the two companies.

To contact Kenya Website Experts,click on this link

To contact HostPinnacle,click on this link

Kenya Website Experts is the best web hosting company in Kenya and they would create a professional website for less than Ksh15,000.

Once your website is complete, your work will be to start creating content and posting on the blog. Within 6 months, you’ll start making money. Kenyan bloggers make money through AdSense, MGID, affiliate marketing, sponsored content and direct advertisements. You can make more than Ksh1 million per month if your blog attracts significant amount of traffic.

  • Online shop

Online shop like Jumia can be started with Ksh100,000 only. When the website is ready, your work is to display the products you have for your audience. You don’t have to own products for you to run an online shop, you can provide space for traders to display their products. Alternatively, visit various shops, take photos of the products and display on your website. When someone orders a product, visit the shop, buy the product and deliver to the customer for payment.

I know of two online shops that were started with Ksh35,000 online. All you need is to identify someone who can design an e-commerce website. To get such a website, visit Kenya Website Experts through this link

  • Web design business

If you are an IT guru, you can start web design business with as little as Ksh 5,000. Since you know how to design a website, you can do that for yourself, then start marketing the services on social media—you can sponsor a couple of posts on Facebook and also post articles about your services on various blogs.

 To design one website, you’ll charge Ksh 10,000 to Ksh100,000 depending on the type of website a client needs.

  • CV and cover letter writing business/online job portal

Online job portal is a website like any other website. BrighterMonday,Fuzu and Careerpoint are some of the popular online job portals in Kenya.To start a website like BrighterMonday,you require a capital of less than Ksh30,000.Register a domain name ,pay for hosting and web design services. HostPinnacle can do all the work for you at Ksh25,000,visit HostPinnacle website via this link and contact them for the services.

You may need a premium theme which you will use on your website. There are several themes at ThemeForest that go for less than Ksh5000.To get a perfect theme,visit ThemeForest website via this link and check the list

In your website,you will offer services like CV writing and cover letter writing.To advertise for jobs,you will charge a client Ksh100 to Ksh3,000 for one single vacancy.

Some websites like BrighterMonday earn up to Ksh15 million per month for advertising jobs for companies.

  • Link buyers and sellers

You can also link buyers and sellers of products like land and cars. In addition, you can advertise houses for sale/rent.

In one of my websites, there is an article I wrote about houses to let in Nairobi, I left my contact there to deliberately see whether someone would call me. Within a week, I had received over 10 calls. It reached a point I removed my phone number from the article because the calls were too many. This shows that Kenyans are hungry for a website that will connect people who want to rent houses and vacant houses especially in middle class estates.

You can do the business on Facebook/Twitter and through a blog.

To start this kind of business, the capital won’t exceed Ksh30,000.

  • Start online dating business

Online dating business is one of the untapped business opportunities in Kenya.There are many people online looking for people to date or marry.If you are capable of providing reliable platform, you will easily become a millionaire. The platform you’ll form is one where someone will register and become a premium member, registration fee per year will be at least Ksh1,000.If you have 1,000 members, it means you’ll make over Ksh1 million every year.

The only capital required is for designing a website and integrating it with payment methods. The total amount you’ll set aside for this business is Ksh30,000 to Ksh100,000.