How to Increase AdSense clicks


There are many ways of increasing AdSense clicks. Normally, when a website receives 1,000 views, the clicks must be in the neighbourhood of 5. If you realize that the clicks are low, then there is something wrong. AdSense clicks are determined by the following factors:

  1. Ad placement/positioning
  2. WordPress Theme used
  3. Type of traffic (organic, direct or social media)
  4. Time a visitor spends on your website
  5. Niche of your site
  6. Ad size
  7. Quality of your content
  8. Amount of traffic
  9. Ad placement

Ad placement and positioning matter a lot. You should always ensure that the banners are placed in strategic positions where every visitor has the opportunity to see them. The best positions are:

At the header

Above the posts

Inside the posts

And at the end of each article

Avoid placing adverts in the footer or sidebar. Ensure that the adverts are strategically positioned such that whenever a visitor is reading any article, they are able to view them and possibly click them.

Adverts placed near the header and inside the posts have higher click through rate than sidebar or below the posts adverts.

  • WordPress Themes used

I have used several themes over the past. I realized that free themes have low click through rates, some of them don’t have space for adverts. Later I came to realize that premium themes are the best. Admania, Newspaper and Newsmag themes are some of the best themes when it comes to AdSense. These themes will increase the click through rate by more than 200%. ThemeForest sells them for $39 to $59,follow this link to see details about the themes

When you start using the themes, you’ll notice a huge difference in relation to AdSense clicks.

  • Type of traffic

When your traffic is from social media, the clicks for AdSense are low but as your blog gains more organic traffic, the more the number of clicks. If your clicks have been low, one way of increasing them is by improving the organic traffic. To do so, you can use SEO tool like SEMrush. The tool is currently being used by more than 10,000 bloggers. The good thing is that there is a 14-free trial plan. If you want to test its usefulness,click here to join for free

  • Time a visitor spends on your website

The more time a visitor spends on your website, the higher the chances of clicking on AdSense adverts. To ensure that a visitor spends more time on your blog, make sure the articles are unique, long and interesting to read. A visitor who reads more than one article will eventually click on an advert before leaving your site.

If each of your article has 300 words which attract low clicks, start writing articles with more than 500 words.

  • Niche of your site

The best niches are those that have specific keywords that attract high click through rate. A niche like news or politics has very low click through rate because AdSense sends general adverts to them. But for education, gadgets and betting niches, the click through rate is high. When you want to increase clicks, the only way you can do so is to post more content from niches that attract high clicks.

  • Ad size

I will explain here based on my experience. I have realized that when you place 728 by 90 advert on the header, it gets more clicks than a 360 by 250 advert. The most ideal size for the header is 728 by 90.

When it comes to inside the posts, the best advert is 360 by 250. At the sidebar, place 360 by 250 as well.

You know, even advertisers know which advert works best on every location, most of them target inside the posts and at the header. The most common sizes are those we have mentioned above.

  • Quality of your content

If you are explaining something, make sure you make your visitor happy and excited, they will end up clicking on all the ads in your website. If a visitor is not satisfied with your answer, they will read for a few seconds and move to another website where they spend more time and possibly click on and advert.

You must always ensure that your posts are of high quality, long and interesting to read.

  • Amount of traffic

The number of clicks is directly proportional to the amount of traffic your website receives. Of course the clicks will increase if you do what we have stated above but they won’t go past a certain level minus traffic.

Ensure that you share your content on social media, write more articles and post regularly. The number of clicks will eventually increase.