Advice for Someone Who Wants To Transfer from one Web Hosting Company to Another


Before you change from one web hosting company to another, there are few things you need to know. It’s always wise to seek advice online especially from experienced bloggers. It’s normal that when you create a new blog, web hosting is not an issue but as time goes by, you realize that it’s a significant component in blogging.

Circumstances are the ones that force someone to change from one web hosting company to another. One of the major issues is when you realize that your hosting company has suspended your account yet you paid for hosting. Some hosting companies have a tendency of suspending websites when they exceed the resources allocated, they suspend regularly until someone get bored and decide to change to a new hosting company.

Another issue is resources. Some companies have weak servers which won’t sustain high traffic. If a website gets traffic spikes, it goes down for some hours or even days. One needs a perfect hosting company for viral traffic.

The most common reason why people change is cost. Some hosting companies have hidden costs which only appear when a client migrates to their platform. The costs are introduced gradually until it becomes unaffordable. Other hosting companies require that you upgrade to a more advanced plan when your website grows yet you don’t have enough money for that.

Before you move to a new web hosting company, make sure that you do thorough research. Go to social media accounts for the hosting companies you are interested to migrate to, read the followers comments. Go online and read several reviews from bloggers. The best reviews are for bloggers who don’t have affiliate accounts. Be determined to know the weaknesses of each hosting company.

Here are some of the things you should look at:

Money back guarantee (refund policy)


SSL certificate

Whether it has scalable resources or not

  • Customer support (read reviews online)
  • Whether it has hidden costs or not
  • The age of the hosting company
  • General quality of services including status of the servers
  • How flexible is the hosting company (payment period and shifting within plans)
  • Whether there is extension of payment period upon expiry of your hosting package
  • Privacy
  • Resources allocated

If you are satisfied with the information obtained online, go ahead to buy services from the hosting company.

Based on my experience in web hosting, I will suggest 4 best web hosting companies for you, they won’t disappoint.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

The best managed WordPress hosting company is Kinsta.Almost all viral sites have migrated to Kinsta.Kinsta is good for small, medium and viral websites. Any blogger owning a website that receives over 1 million visits per month should be comfortable with Kinsta.You can visit Kinsta via this link and see their plans

Best Dedicated Server hosting companies

There are two web hosting companies which are known for their excellent services when it comes to dedicated server hosting, Bluehost and Liquid Web. Those two companies host more than 3 million websites.Bluehost is cheap and reliable especially for WordPress sites. To know more about Bluehost,follow this link

Web hosting charges for Bluehost start from as little as $2.65 per month. The company has several types of hosting, the most popular being Shared Hosting.

Liquid Web is also an excellent web hosting company especially for viral websites. To learn more about the company,click on this link

Best web hosting companies for small and medium websites

The best web hosting companies for small and medium websites are: Bluehost, Cloudways and A2 hosting. They are cheap, reliable and efficient.

Cloudways(visit website here)

Bluehost(visit website here)

A2 Hosting(visit website here)

I am certain, none of the aforementioned web hosting companies will disappoint you.


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