Salary of Bloggers in Nigeria


Nigerian bloggers don’t earn salary but they generate income based on the amount of traffic their blogs generate and monetization strategies. On average, a blogger earns $1,000 per month in Nigeria.

There are some bloggers who opt to work as editors for media stations and leading blogs. Their salaries range between $400 and $3000 per month.

Since over 90% of the blogs depend on AdSense for revenues, here is the approximate amount bloggers make in a month:

10,000 page views—$12

50,000 page views—$70

100,000 page views—$100

500,000 page views—$400

1 million page views–$800

2 million page views—$1,500

Majority of bloggers get traffic numbers of 100,000 to 2 million per month

In terms of individual blogs, this is the money they make per month:

  1. Legit —$100,000
  2. Laila News—$30,000
  3. Linda Ikeji—$400,000
  4. Nairaland—$30,000
  5. Business Day–$30,000
  6. Punch–$100,000
  7. Daily Post Nigeria–$50,000
  8. The Guardian Nigeria—$100,000
  9. Daily Trust Nigeria—$20,000
  10. Victor Predict—$30,000
  11. Pulse Nigeria—$150,000
  12. Naija News—$25,000
  13. Vanguard–$200,000

Those are leading blogs in Nigeria and the amount of money each one pulls in on monthly basis. If you own your blog and you want to earn such amount, your traffic should be in millions.

To increase your earnings, you have to source direct adverts and stop relying on AdSense. A single advert will generate more than $1000 per month while sponsored posts cost as high as $900 per article.