List of Side Hustles That Can Make You a Millionaire in Kenya


Side hustle is a good venture for someone who aspire to grow in a span of few years. Some side hustles are worth taking while others are a waste of time. It’s normal that everyone needs a side hustle that can make them a millionaire in Kenya and that’s what exactly we are going to discuss below.

  • Cake baking business

It’s easy to handle cake baking business while being employed somewhere. You can do this business during weekends because that’s when deliveries for orders are made.

Training for cake baking costs approximately Ksh30,000 and the cost of starting business is Ksh150,000 to Ksh500,000.

After launching cake baking business, the next step is to start marketing it among your friends, workmates and possibly form a Facebook group. The business may take time to pick but after few years, you’ll start generating reasonable income.

There are several Kenyans who started cake baking as a side hustle and finally left their full time job to start managing the business.

  • Blogging

A number of my friends are bloggers at night and professional workers during the day. I also started blogging as part time job and later became my full time job. Blogging is a wonderful side hustle for people with passion in writing. What I like about this venture is that there is no law that bars anyone from joining. It’s also cheap to start, you need a capital of Ksh5,000-Ksh30,000.

To register a blog,contact Kenya Website Experts via this link,they will register a domain name and create a website for you. You will spend less than Ksh30,000 to come up with a professional blog.

Web hosting will cost Ksh 2,100 per year while domain registration will cost less than Ksh 500.

Choose a good topic, one that you are comfortable to write about, then build your blog gradually. You will earn money from AdSense, MGID, sponsored content or direct advertisements.

Ghafla, Kenyans and Tuko are among the leading blogs in Kenya earning over Ksh1 million per month. There are also hundreds of bloggers earning over Ksh100,000 monthly.

  • Selling products online

You can also make millions of money by selling products online. What you need is a popular Facebook page where you market the products, then have someone to deliver. You can buy the products from Gikomba, Eastleigh, Luthuli Avenue or any place where they are cheap, then market them online. If an order is made,

You can start by selling on Facebook, then create an e-commerce site where to display the products. Later, you will start competing with the likes of Jumia.

E-commerce is the best business you can do in the modern world. The likes of Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma are ranked among the richest people on the universe because their respective e-commerce sites are doing extremely well.

  • Start weekend catering services

Instead of remaining idle during weekends, you can start catering services. Nowadays, there are companies which cook for people in funerals, parties and weddings. Instead of going for expensive catering companies, people prefer individuals with ready equipment.

During week days, you will continue your full time work but offer catering services on weekends.

The cost of starting catering services is less than Ksh150,000. You actually need staff of 2-10 people who are paid on demand basis and equipment worth Ksh 30,000 to Ksh100,000

  • Online tax like Uber

Another business that will generate good money for you is online taxi like Uber. Just buy your car and register it with Uber, then employ a driver to do the work for you. Uber will pay you Ksh 60,000 every month. If you have around 3 cars, you’ll generate more than Ksh100,000 every month.

  • Real Estate broker

Real estate is a booming business, there are always people looking for plots and others selling them. During your free time, you will be marketing land and houses online and when you are not doing so, the normal duties will be ongoing.

You need a good website like that of BuyRentKenya and start marketing the products from there. You also need a Facebook page which you will regularly boost.

This side hustle will later turn into a full time job. As a broker, you’ll be earning in terms of commissions. If you sell a house of Ksh10 million and get a commission of 1%, it means you’ll take home Ksh 100,000. Assuming that you sell three houses and 3 plots a month, you’ll earn over Ksh400,000.

  • Social media influencer

If you like spending time on social media without doing anything meaningful, it’s time you start marketing yourself by creating useful content. Some notable influencers like Njugush and Jaymo Ule Msee started promoting themselves online by creating good content, they eventually made it. Jaymo is paid over Ksh500,000 per advert.

You can do full time duties as well as social media influencer job as a side hustle.

  • Preaching

Gifted preachers can easily become millionaires if they venture into preaching as a side hustle. Even if you are a teacher, you can dedicate evening hours into preaching. You will start small and later grow your congregation through your good work.

Preachers are among the richest people in Kenya yet some of them are not even educated.

  • Online DJ

If you can mix songs and make people feel excited, start online DJ business. Create a Facebook where to showcase your skills. With time, people will start appreciating your job and send money in the process, you will also be invited by clubs and media stations.

Most DJs earn in excess of Ksh500,000 per month.

  • Import goods from Dubai and China

Another business that can easily make you a millionaire in Kenya is to import goods from China and Dubai then sell to local traders. You will use Ksh3 million to import but make more than Ksh2 million in profits. If you are lucky, you’ll generate over Ksh 10 million per year.

Other businesses include,playstation,chicken rearing,wines and spirits and farming of fruits.


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