Best side hustles for university students


University students depend on their parents for upkeep, but there are a few who start profitable side hustles that keep them going. People like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started their businesses while in college. The best thing about college life is that students have enough time to correct their mistakes as they look for the best footing in the business world. University students don’t have a lot of issues in life that would divert their minds, they possess all the time and energy to pursue their dreams.

Below are some of the advantages of starting a side hustle while in college

  1. Enough free time to explore
  2. Fresh ideas
  3. Ready customers
  4. Innovative mind
  5. Time to correct mistakes
  6. You can collaborate with other students
  7. Capital from your parents

University students live close to their lecture halls, or in school premises. The most ideal businesses for them to pursue are:

  • Blogging

Majority of successful bloggers started their blogs while in college. At first it was like a stupid idea but after completing college, they found themselves engaging in blogging as a full time job.

There is something strange that happens once you are used to doing something. When you change the environment and got something new to do, you get bored. Blogger find themselves in this scenario. There are people naturally born as bloggers and cannot do something else.

While in college, start your own blog and create content, you will find yourself enjoying as you earn from it. Starting a blog will cost as little as $3.95 per month. The best web hosting company to register a domain and buy hosting space is Bluehost,follow this link to create a free account.

Most college students generate money from their blogs through AdSense. I will strongly advise you to sign up for AdSense immediately you create a blog.

At the university, you will earn from $400 per month as you study. After college, you’’ find more time to blog.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the types of marketing where a student will share information about a particular product and earn commissions. Products marketing is done through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, word of mouth and links in blog posts. When a customer buys a product through your link, you earn a commission. The best affiliate marketing niches for university students are;

  1. Gadgets
  2. Forex
  3. Web hosting
  4. Dating
  5. Gambling
  • Operate PlayStation business

PlayStation business is booming especially within a university environment. Students get idle after classes and they need something to keep them business. Since PlayStation is one of the most favorite part time activity, you can grasp this chance and set up a PlayStation just outside the university. You need a capital of $1000 to $5000 to set up this kind of business.

  • Operate a pool table business

You can also operate a pool table business. Pool table is a game that male students play during their free time. You will open the business after classes. A capital of $500 is enough to start this kind of a business.

The good thing about pool table business is that it’s not hard to manage—you can manage it alone.

  • Cake baking business

Cake baking business is ideal for ladies and men who intend to join the hotel industry. Take cake baking free lessons online, then start baking as you take orders from your fellow students. I am sure you will get numerous orders even from outside the school.

The most surprising thing is that this might start as a side hustle and eventually become the main hustle.

To be honest, I would become a chef were it not for blogging that’s keeping me busy. There is a lot of money in the hotel industry.

Once your business takes off, create a Facebook page and YouTube channel where to showcase your skills.

  • Juice blending business

Juice blender costs less than $50 in most shops, this is something you can buy, then go for fresh fruits and blend. You will pack them in nice containers and sell to your college mates. Even if the money will be small, it will save you a lot.

  • Become a YouTuber

Some YouTubers launched their career while in college. Opening a YouTube channel will cost you nothing, the only thing needed are skills and of course creativity. YouTube is owned by Google and almost all YouTubers earn through AdSense.

If you are creative enough, you can post original, entertaining and unique content on YouTube and earn through AdSense. Make sure the videos are entertaining or creative so as to attract more subscribers. If you manage more than 1 million subscribers, you’ll earn over $10,000 every month.

Operating a YouTube channel will not in any way interfere with your studies.

  • Get online writing jobs

Online writing jobs are plenty, you can get one and start earning while working part time. There are many university students who contract academic writing companies to do proposals and project work for them. The best people to do this job are university students because they have time to research in the libraries.

Apart from online writing jobs, one can do data entry.

Joining these companies is free and you get paid through the bank, krill or PayPal. Most of them pay $3 to $30 per page.

  • Salon/Barber Shop

You can also start a salon or barber shop where your target customers will be students.

Photocopy, scanning and printing business

Students do a lot of printing, scanning and photocopying, this is a comfortable business for a university student. The advantage of this business is that it’s easy and cheap to start, there are also ready customers.