How to Check Whether a Domain Name is Available


There are many websites that offer domain registration services. Before a client buys a domain, he must check whether it’s available or not. When a domain is available, it means that nobody has owned it before and that you can rightfully claim it after registering under your name.

You should also write down at least 5 domain related domain names you wish to register such that if you find one is not available, you can search for another one.

Identify the best domain registration company you wish to search the new domain at. I suggest that you pick Bluehost because it registers the highest number of domains. Bluehost is also among the cheapest hosting companies in the world.

How to know that the domain you want to register is available

Click on this link to visit Bluehost main website.On the main menu, click on Domains.

A search button will pop up where you will enter the domain name you wish to register. Note that the domain name must start with www.

If the new domain is available, you will get this message:

“Congrats, your domain is available”

If the domain name is not available, enter other domain names related to the one you wanted to register until you find one that’s available.

 Upon finding it’s availablility, click on Add to Cart. You should also remember to create a free account which you will be using in future. Payment is made through credit card or Paypal.If your credit card accepts MasterCard or VISA, then payment won’t be a challenge.

Bluehost also offers cheap web hosting services. Once you pay for the domain, you may need hosting services. With a new domain, Shared Hosting services are the best. The price for shared hosting services at Bluehost is from as low as $3.95 per month. You can choose to pay for 12 months,24 months or 36 months; the longer you pay the cheaper the service.

The .com domain name costs $11 at Bluehost.When paying for the domain, you can ignore SiteLock because it’s not necessary to have it.To learn about various hosting plans at Bluehost,click on this link


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