Reasons Why African Bloggers Earn Little Money from AdSense


There has been a debate concerning the amount of money African bloggers earn from AdSense, many of the bloggers argue that AdSense is unfair towards them. But there are underlying reasons why the income for them isn’t as much as what bloggers from USA and Europe earn.

In a classical example, a blogger from Nairobi will get 1 million page views per month and only earn $1,000 while someone in USA with the same number of visitors make $5,000. Even if an African blogger tries everything humanly possible, he won’t earn more than American blogger given the same traffic, reasons being;

  • African companies don’t have enough budget for advertisements

African companies have limited budget for advertisements. The amount they pay is what bloggers are paid: AdSense pays 68% of the total revenues to bloggers. Europe and USA firms dedicate a lot of money for advertisements, which is why bloggers from those regions earn more than African bloggers.

  • Low paying keywords

Majority of African bloggers focus on content with low keywords. News, politics and entertainment blogs dominate the industry. Such topics attract low CPC advertisements. Moreover, only a small number of them bother to search on high paying keywords. If you ask most of them, they would admit that they don’t subscribe for SEO tools like SEMrush that reveal high paying keywords. Such tools are even provided for free. If you wish to subscribe,click on this link

Bloggers from other regions invest heavily on keywords; they don’t just post content; they figure out how important each article they post is to the audience. Well targeted content will definitely attract quality advertisements.

  • Majority of their traffic is from African countries

It’s only a few African bloggers who own blogs that attract visitors from USA, EUROPE and UAE, majority of their traffic is from African countries with struggling companies. Since African companies don’t have enough budget for AdSense advertisements, revenues for bloggers who get such adverts is very low.

  • Poor quality content

African bloggers often write in a hurry. It’s not uncommon to find a blog that posts 20 articles per day but when you go through each article, you realize that nearly all of them are lifted from other blogs. To make matters worse, the articles are short with no focused keywords. The best AdSense will do is to push general low CPC adverts to those sites, which means that even if a blog gets millions of page views per month, it won’t generate decent revenues.

  • They neglect profitable niches

Most bloggers don’t bother to venture into niches that are profitable, they all scramble for four niches: news, entertainment, politics and gossip. It’s hard to find a blogger committed to niches like web hosting, mortgage, real estate and banking. They shun those sectors because they know traffic is low. But reality is that such niches are the most profitable ones.

  • They don’t invest in web hosting and SEO friendly themes

African bloggers aim to spend low on hosting while they search for maximum traffic. What they fail to understand is that when traffic goes up, web hosting budget also increases. A number of bloggers get discouraged when they are advised to upgrade to Dedicated Server hosting.

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