How to Quit Your Job and Become a Blogger


Many people get in dilemma when it comes to quitting full time job to become bloggers. This article is a practical case of how one should quit a full time and become a blogger. I am one of the many bloggers who run several blogs and work as full time bloggers.

One advantage of blogging as a full time job is the fact that you are at liberty to manage your time as you wish. In actual sense, nobody is there to force you to do thing, you can decide to sleep at 12 am and wake up at 10 am without anyone bothering you. However, in this industry, if you don’t have passion and correct strategy, succeeding is a pipe dream.

One of my friends made a terrible mistake he regrets until now. In 2010 while I had just started blogging, he was working as a cashier in a SACCO. At that time there were few blogs in our country. We actually developed two websites, one for me and another one for him. We then psyched ourselves and started writing. My friend got too excited and quit his job the second month, immediately he earned his first income of $115 from AdSense. He did not inform me about his decision, I only came to discover later when his workmates asked me about his whereabouts.

After two months of silence, he called me while crying that his blog has been hacked and that he doesn’t have money to recover it. He revealed to me that he had already left his job.I took $500 and rescued him.

From this case, you’ll learn one thing, that you should not quit your job for blogging is you are not stable. A blog should take at least one year to start growing, during this period one should be busy doing their usual work as they grow their blog.

Below are steps to follow when you want to quit your job and become a full time blogger:

Create a blog and buy hosting plan

While you are still at your current institution, set aside $100 to $300 for website design and web hosting services. For webhosting services and domain registration, I suggest you choose Bluehost.All you need is to visit Bluehost company via this link and create an account, then search for a domain name and buy it if it’s available.

After buying the domain name, search for a good web designer to design a website for you.If you can’t find one, you can contact us on fixusrecruitment@ to do a website for you cheaply.

Pick the best niche and start posting content

When the website is ready, then start to create content. Make sure that you post at least 3 times a week,if you post on daily basis, your website will grow faster than expected. The content must be of high quality and not plagiarized.

You should pick the most profitable niche and one that’s exciting for you. Some of the best niches to blog on include:

  • Career and education
  • Fashion and lifestyle
  • Entertainment & dating
  • Business, Finance & banking
  • Technology & gadget
  • Travel

Look for ways to monetize your content

There are many ways to monetize your content. Without earning from your blog, you won’t be motivated enough to create more content. The most obvious way to monetize is through Google AdSense. Every new blogger monetizes with Google AdSense.

Before you apply for Google AdSense, make sure your article bear more than 500 words, they should not have adult content, should be original and unique, use original images. You should also post more than 20 articles before you apply.

AdSense is a good source of recurring income for people with large amount of traffic. If you draw over 50,000 page views every month, then you can earn in excess of $100.

Apart from AdSense, other sources of income include MGID, ContentAd,Taboola or Ezoic.

Create content for 6 months and above and quit when your income is more than your full time salary

You should not make a mistake of quitting your job immediately you start earning. I know there is an excitement but make sure you are stable. Normally, a website takes 6 months to 1 year to become popular. Wait until your website is one year, monitor your income and ensure it averages $500 and above for at least 6 months, then quit. But you should quit when you have some savings in your bank account.

Create another website as a back up

If you aspire to do blogging as a full time job,make sure you own more than website.One of the website is the main one and others are back ups.In case the main one is not performing or is hacked, you can turn to the backup sites.The backup websites should be updated on regular basis,at least ones a week.

While you quit your job,don’t mess with everyone because you may need them in future.


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