Web Hosting Providers in Kenya 2021


Hundreds of companies are licensed to offer web hosting services in Kenya. In this year,2021, we wish to provide a list of all available web hosting companies in Kenya to help you choose your preferred hosting company.

The costs of hosting for new websites should not exceed Ksh3,000 per month. For viral websites, you can spend up to Ksh300,000 per month to host your website.

If you own a blog/website in Kenya, you can either choose a hosting company within the country or go for popular web hosting companies in USA like Bluehost.To visit Bluehost and learn about their services,click on this link

We are going to list web hosting companies from the best to the newest. The first 5 web hosting companies are the best.

Here is a list of registered web hosting providers in Kenya 2021:

  • Kenya Website Experts

Website link: https://kenyawebexperts.com/aff.php?aff=577

  • HostPinnacle

Website link: https://www.hostpinnacle.co.ke/clients/aff.php?aff=304

  • Skyhost

Website link: https://skyhost.co.ke/billing/aff.php?aff=57

  • Garanntor

Website link: https://www.garanntor.com/portal/aff.php?aff=779

  • Whogohost

Website link: https://www.whogohost.com/host/aff.php?aff=5839

  • Safaricom

Website link: https://www.safaricom.co.ke/business/corporate/cloud-and-hosting-services/website-and-email-services

  • Webhost Kenya

Website link: https://www.webhostkenya.co.ke/

  • Sasa Host

Website link: https://www.sasahost.co.ke/

  • Truehost

Website link: https://truehost.co.ke/

  • Afriregister

Website link: https://afriregister.co.ke/

  • Movehost

Website link: https://www.movehost.co.ke/

  • Deep Africa

Website link: https://www.deepafrica.com/web-hosting-in-kenya/

  • Movetech

Website link: https://movetech.co.ke/web-hosting-kenya.html

  • Crystal Host

Website link: https://crystalhost.co.ke/

  • IT Experts Solutions Kenya

Website link: https://www.itexperts.co.ke/web-hosting-in-kenya/

  • ehost Kenya

Website link: https://www.ehostkenya.com/

  • Kenya Web

Website link: https://www.kenyaweb.com/

  • Hostpoa

Website link: https://hostpoa.co.ke/blog/cheap-web-hosting-in-kenya/

  • Bitsimba

Website link: https://bitsimba.com/

  • Oraweb Host

Website link: https://orawebhost.com/

  • Webscreations Design

Website link: https://www.webscreationsdesigngroup.com/

  • Lenasi

Website link: https://www.lenasi.co.ke/pricing/

  • Shujaa Host

Website link: https://shujaahost.co.ke/webhosting.php

  • Peak & Dale

Website link: https://www.peakanddale.com/web-hosting/

  • Afriq Network Solutions

Website link: https://afriqnetworks.co.ke/

  • EAC Directory

Website link: https://eacdirectory.co.ke/

  • Ace Host

Website link: https://acehost.co.ke/billing/