Why Most Nigerian Bloggers Host Their Websites in USA


Majority of Nigerian bloggers host their websites in USA because of many factors. One web hosting company hosting over 10,000 Nigerian websites is Bluehost.They love it because it’s cheap and reliable, you can click here to visit Bluehost website and learn more

One reason why bloggers shun local web hosting companies is because of hidden costs. The problem is that most companies display prices on their websites which are low but when a client joins them, they discover that there are high hidden costs. There is nothing that demoralizes a blogger like a company which introduces hidden costs unexpectedly.

Customer service—Companies in USA offer excellent customer service to their clients. Even if you contact them in the middle of the night, they will still deal with your issue. Most Nigerian companies close business at night and you can get disappointed when you need them most.

Money back guarantee—Almost all companies in USA offer 30-day money back guarantee, which is not the case for Nigerian companies. The money back guarantee policy is very important for new clients because it gives them assurance that the company they are about to join is safe.

Security—Websites being hosted in Nigeria are always vulnerable. Most companies don’t provide maximum security for blogs hosted by their servers. In USA, majority of the companies even provide free SSL certificates.

Enough resources—A number of web hosting companies in Nigeria buy reseller packages from established companies in USA, they then distribute resources among their clients. Since Nigerian companies are more focused on making profits at the expense of customer experience, they tend to limit resources for clients.

If you wish to host your website/blog in USA,here is a list of the best web hosting companies for the blog:

Bluehost(Click here to visit website)

A2 Hosting(Click here to visit website)

Flywheel(Click here to visit website)

Kinsta(Click here to visit website)

Accu Web Hoating(Website link)

Any of the above web hosting companies will serve you well, but Bluehost and Kinsta are the most preferred.