HostPinnacle Kenya Review 2021


HostPinnacle is one of the best website hosting companies in Kenya. If offers a wide range of hosting packages for small, medium and large websites. For small websites, Shared Hosting packages are available for you and for big websites, the company provides VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Reviews from various Kenyan customers show that the company is excellent in terms of services. They have their own Facebook account which you can look at and see how users are reacting.

  • Domain Registration

Before you create a website, you need a domain for holding that website. HostPinnacle sells domains cheaply. If you need domain name, you’ll pay Ksh 999 per year,.com domain name will also cost Ksh999 per year. To register one,click here to visit HostPinnacle website

Web Hosting

HostPinnacle’s main business is web hosting. In 2020 the prices of this company were low but after the government introduced digital tax,they increased the prices. But compared to other companies,HostPinnacle’s services are cheap.

The company offers Shared Hosting packages, Reseller Hosting,Master Reseller and VPS Hosting

  • Shared Hosting prices
  • Starter—Ksh 1,999 per year
  • Standard—Ksh3,999 per year
  • Executive—Ksh10,999 per year

To learn more about features and how to buy these services,visit HostPinnacle via this link

  • Reseller Hosting Prices

Reseller Hosting is good for individuals who have clients to host their sites. For instance, you have about 20 websites you have designed for companies and you wish to host them. Go to HostPinnacle and buy Reseller Hosting which is complete with cPanel.You will buy for Ksh 5,999 per year and make over Ksh30,000 over the same period.

  1. Starter—Ksh 2,999 per month
  2. Standard—Ksh 4,499 per month
  3. VIP—Ksh5,999 per month

To learn more about its features,follow this link


This one is more advanced,it’s like Dedicated Server .You can host hundreds of clients under one package.


  1. Master S—Ksh 5,499 per month
  2. Master M—Ksh 6,999 per month
  3. Master L—Ksh8,499 per month
  4. Master XL—Ksh9,999 per month

Buy hosting here

  • VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is an improvement of Shared Hosting. Here, blogs with over 500,000 monthly visitors will be hosted. The number of blogs in one server are fewer than those hosting shared hosting blogs. If your blog’s traffic is huge and resources used more, we advise that you shift to VPS Hosting.

Here are the prices of VPS packages:

  1. Starter VPS—Ksh3,000 per month
  2. Medium VPS—Ksh4,500 per month
  3. Large VPS—Ksh6,000 per month
  4. Extra Large VPS—Ksh7,500 per month

At least with VPS you will host your blog without any problems. To learn more about their features,follow this link

  • Web Design and Bulk SMS Services

HostPinnacle offers web design and bulk SMS services. To design a single blog,the company charges as low as Ksh15,000.Bulk SMS also cost as little as Ksh 0.4 per SMS.

Bulk SMS services are important for companies especially those with thousands of customers who need regular information regarding the companies’ services.

HostPinnacle Contacts

You can contact HostPinnacle through email or by calling them using the cell phone numbers provided below. Their offices are open 24/7

  • HostPinnacle Kenya
  • Address: Thompson Estate, Off Ole Odume RD, Off Ngong Road,
    Diani Close Gate 7,
    P.O Box 10065 – 00400,
    Phone: 0717 148 886 / 020 7869 201

HostPinnacle Affiliate program

The company also offers opportunity for Kenyan marketers and bloggers to make money online through affiliate marketing.Their commissions are so good that more an 100 marketers are actively promoting HostPinnacle products.

Here are the commissions paid:

Starter Hosting PackageKES 1,500/yrKES 750
Standard Hosting PackageKES 3,500/yrKES 1,750
Executive Hosting PackageKES 10,000/yrKES 5,000
Hosting Only PackageKES 1,000/yrKES 500
Bulk SMS CreditsKES 0.5/SMS5% Recurring Commission

To register for the affiliate program,follow this link

  • How to Pay for Web Hosting services via MPESA

HostPinnacle accepts payment via MPESA.Their Paybill number is 774112

Payment procedure

  1. Go to MPESA
  2. Select Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Select Paybill
  4. Enter Business Number (774112)
  5. Enter Account Number(Invoice Number)
  6. Enter Amount(Ksh1,999)
  7. Enter MPESA Pin and Send

HostPinnacle is a good hosting company, don’t hesitate to buy services from them.