Kinsta Web Hosting Plans and Prices 2021


Prices of hosting at Kinsta rarely change. This is one of the best hosting companies for heavy traffic websites. To host your website with Kinsta, you need $30 to $1500 per month. Payment is either monthly or annually.Click on this link to visit Kinsta website and learn more about prices

Kinsta hosts WordPress sites only. There are 10 plans in total.The prices are determined by the number of visitors. Below are plans and pricing at Kinsta:

  1. Starter–$30 per month—25,000 visits
  2. Pro—$60 per month—50,000 visits
  3. Business 1—$100 per month—100,000 visits
  4. Business 2—$200 per month—250,000 visits
  5. Business 3—$300 per month—400,000 visits
  6. Business 4—$400 per month—600,000 visits
  7. Enterprise 1—$600 per month—1,000,000 visits
  8. Enterprise 2—$900 per month—-1,500,000 visits
  9. Enterprise 3—$ 1,200 per month—2,000,000 visits
  10. Enterprise 4—$ 1,500 per month—3,000,000 visits

Website with more than 3,000,000 monthly visits are hosted by the agency plan. 3,000,000 visits translate to more than 15 million page views. 25,000 visits are equivalent to 100,000 page views. To learn more about these plans,follow this link

You are allowed to change plans anytime of the year or monthly based on the traffic numbers your blog gets.

Those paying annually get a discount of 2 months.For instance,if monthly costs are $100,it means you will pay $1000 per year,thus saving $200 if you were to pay monthly.

To get started,visit Kinsta through this link and create an account,choose a plan and proceed to pay.The company will migrate your site for free.