Free Web Hosting South Africa 2021


There are a few web hosting companies in South Africa which offer free hosting services to new clients. Their offers last between one month and one year. When it comes to free hosting, most companies demand that their clients must purchase a domain name before they are offered the services. Since a new website does not consume much of a server’s resources, companies find it comfortable to offer free hosting.

Anyone without a budget for hosting should seek free services from one of the following companies:

  • Truehost Africa

Truehost Africa offers free web hosting services for one month. The company is ranked among the best web hosting companies in South Africa and arguably one of the cheapest. After one month of hosting for free, a client will decide whether to continue hosting his site with them or migrate to another hosting company,click here to host for free

Key features of free hosting:

  1. Unlimited Bandwidth
  2. 1 SSD GB Disk Space
  3. Supports 1 Website
  4. One Click Installer
  5. Free SSL Certificate
  6. Max Email Account: 1
  7. Max Databases: 1
  8. Max Subdomains: 1
  9. Uptime: 99.999%

Follow this link to visit Truehost and see pricing

  • Haloweb

Haloweb offers free hosting for new websites for 1 month only—but for only websites in South Africa. Thereafter, customers are required to upgrade to premium hosting which cost as from R17 annually.

  • Domains

Domains is another company which offer free services. Though it doesn’t offer free hosting, new clients are provided a domain for free. By choosing Domains South Africa, you’ll save the cost of buying domains locally.

Those are the most reliable free web hosting companies in South Africa. But I would recommend Truehost because it’s a good web hosting company. Currently, Truehost have more than 100,000 clients.

Beside the companies offering free hosting services, there are also others which are equally cheap and offer quality services. They include:

  • Bluehost

Bluehost is the most popular web hosting company in the world. The company’s pricing starts from as low as $2.95 per month. Instead of going for the free hosting services which don’t last, choose Bluehost and get the best services. WordPress sites get the best services at Bluehost,which is why even WordPress itself recommends the company to WordPress sites ownere.To learn more about Bluehost,click on this link and visit the company’s website

  • A2 Hosting

The second company to try out is A2 Hosting. They charge as low as $1.99 per month. The company’s services are good, no doubt about that, but they don’t offer free hosting. However, if you need quality services, this is where to be. For $1.99 only, start hosting your site with A2 hosting,click here to visit their website and learn more