Best hosting plan for 50000 visitors per day on WordPress website


If by good luck your website receives 50,000 daily visitors, you may lack a good hosting company to host it because only a couple of companies have servers that can accommodate such amount of traffic. But based on our experience, we shall list the best hosting plans for the traffic.

With 50,000 visitors daily, no shared or VPS plans will sustain the traffic, you have to go for Dedicated Server or Managed WordPress Hosting.

Here are the best plans for 50,000 daily visitors


Kinsta is a Managed WordPress Hosting, one of the best in the world. Almost all big sites and blogs are hosted by this company. Whether your blog gets 50,000 or 1 million visitors per day, Kinsta servers won’t be overwhelmed. There are several plans to select from and pricing range from $30 to $1500 per month. To learn more about Kinsta,click on this link and visit their website

These are the ideal plans to host your high traffic website

Business 4($400 per month)

Enterprise 1($600 per month)

Enterprise 2($900 per month)

Enterprise 3($1200 per month)

Enterprise 4($1500 per month)

You can host a site with over 3 million visitors per month. All you need is to contact Kinsta for them to set up the server for you.Contact them here

  • Bluehost Dedicated Servers

Bluehost Dedicated Servers will sustain the 50,000 daily visitors. There are three main Dedicated Server plans: Standard, Enhanced and Premium. The cheapest plans is Standard which goes for $79.99 per month while the most advanced is Premium which goes for $119.99 per month. I assure you that your site won’t go down when hosted by Bluehost, the servers have 99.99% uptime. To get started, visit Bluehost website through this link

  • A2 Hosting Dedicated Servers

A2 Hosting is also a reputable web hosting company. They have very powerful dedicated servers. The prices of hosting range between $199.99 and $279.99 per Month. The Company servers allow your blog to grow without interruptions. To know more about A2 Hosting,click on this link and visit their website

  • Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting is among few hosting companies with free web hosting services. Before you decide to pay, you can select the free hosting plan and learn whether their services are good.To join the free hosting plan,visit their website here