How to Become a blogger in India


It’s easy to become a blogger in India, all you need are steps to follow when becoming one. Before deciding to start blogging, first identify your strengths and weaknesses—they are important because you’ll exactly know which niche to specialize in.The steps to follow include:

  1. Identifying the most profitable niche
  2. Coming up with a domain name
  3. Identifying a good web hosting company to host your site
  4. Determining the best hosting plan for your site
  5. Buy web hosting services and create your site
  6. Start posting content on your site
  7. Identify ways of earning money through your site
  8. Learn how to grow your site traffic

I will summarize for you in order to make it easier to create a blog.

Identify the most profitable niche

There are so many niches in India for bloggers but only a few are profitable. Some of the most profitable niches include:

  • Web hosting
  • Make money online
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Personal Finance
  • Technology and gadgets
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • SEO

Come up with a unique domain name

The next stage is to know which domain name to use for your blog. The name should be unique and easy to memorize—don’t mimic established sites like BBC, CNN etc—come up with a unique and original name that will one day become a brand.

Bluehost provides you with a chance to search for a domain name. To get started,click on this link and visit Bluehost website

Buy domain name and web hosting services

After identifying your domain name, proceed to buy a new domain name. You will only buy a domain name which is available.

Domain name registration is free but web hosting costs from $2.65 per month. The most ideal and cheapest hosting plan is Basic which costs $2.65 to $2.95 per month. To buy the plan,follow this link

Create your own site

You will then proceed to create your own site using WordPress. It will cost you nothing to create one because Bluehost will provide a cPanel where you’ll be able to install WordPress.

From domain registration to designing your website, you’ll spend less than $100.The amount of money needed to start a website in India is roughly $80.

  • How to start making money through your blog

Without creating good content, you won’t make money. Creating a blog is not a big deal, getting traffic is the real deal. You have to post at least 3 articles per day, share them on social media and ensure you use the right keywords in order to get traffic.

There are many ways in which you can make money as a blogger in India, they include:

  1. Through affiliate marketing
  2. Through AdSense
  3. Through AdSense alternatives like MGID
  4. Through Native videos
  5. Through sponsored posts
  6. Through direct banner ads
  7. By selling your own products like smartphones and electronics.
  8. By selling courses through your blog
  9. By developing blogs and selling them.
  10. Reviewing other companies’ products and get paid

How to grow your traffic

You can grow your traffic by posting high quality articles,by sharing on social media or by using SEO tools like SEMrush.If you want to try SEMrush for one month,click here to sign up

It will take you up to 1 year to start getting good traffic.

How much to earn as a blogger in India

As a blogger,you’ll earn depending on the amount of traffic your site gets.If you’ll be using AdSense,each click will generate $0.01 to $0.05.For 1 million views,your blog will get over $1,200.

Is blogging lucrative in India?

Yes,but for affiliate marketers. Even as you monetize with Adsense,try as much as possible to shift to affiliate marketing because that’s where there is good money.There are many Indian bloggers making over $10,000 every month through affiliate marketing.