HostPinnacle Web Hosting Prices in Kenya 2022


2022 is the best year to start a blog or create a website for your company in Kenya. For just Ksh1, 999, you’ll get good hosting package for your blog.HostPinnacle is the most ideal hosting company for small and medium websites in Kenya. We would like to list the prices of each package and help you identify the best plan. Here are the prices of hosting at HostPinnacle in 2022:

Basic Hosting prices and plans (2022)

  • Starter plan—Ksh1,999 per year
  • Standard plan—Ksh 3,999 per year
  • Executive plan—Ksh 10,999 per year

Starter plan is the most popular among new websites.For medium traffic websites, select Standard or Executive plans.To select one of the plans,click on this link

Main features of these plans

  • Free domain
  • Unlimited database
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • SSL Certificates
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support

VIP Hosting plans and prices

VPS plans are more advanced, they are suitable for medium and high traffic websites. Their prices range between Ksh 3,000 and Ksh7,500 per month.

Here are plans and prices for VPS hosting by HostPinnacle 2022

  • Starter VPS—Ksh3,000 per month
  • Medium VPS—Ksh4,500 per month
  • Large VPS—Ksh 6,000 per month
  • Extra Large VPS—Ksh 7,500 per month

To choose one of the plans,click on this link

Reseller Hosting Plans and prices(2022)

Reseller Hosting is ideal for those who want to buy hosting to host their clients. Instead of you creating a hosting company from scratch, you simply get reseller plans and distribute resources to your clients.

Here are the plans and prices for this type of hosting:

  • Starter reseller—Ksh2,999 per month
  • Standard reseller—Ksh4,499 per month
  • VIP reseller—Ksh 5,999 per month

To pick one of these plans,follow this link

Master/Alpha Reseller hosting plans and prices(2022)

Master/Alpha Reseller hosting is purely for high traffic websites. You can host a site with over 1 million monthly views in one of the company’s plans. Hosting price range between Ksh 5,499 and Ksh9, 999 per month.

Here are the prices of the plans:

  • Master Reseller-S  Ksh 5,499 per month
  • Master Reseller-M  Ksh 6,999 per month
  • Master Reseller-L  Ksh 8,499 per month
  • Master Reseller-XL  Ksh9,999 per month

To choose one of these plans,click on this link