A2 Hosting Reviews 2022


A2 Hosting review is important because it’ll help you know whether the company is good or bad.Before we take you through the details,you can visit the site and learn more,click here to visit A2 website

Clients can now acquire a website and a website hosting company at low and minimal cost with the most amazing offers and production tools with only a click. A2 is there for the customer’s self-promotion and effective performance.

A2 hosting has been one of the most leading web hosting companies all over the world .its familiarity has emerged from web hosting and WordPress and other majorly used platforms at large. It also incorporates with other hosts, which helps them greatly increase their customer’s experience and relation, improving their highly-rated performance. The multiple services offered by the A2 company make it a wide range company and more technologically advanced and force.

A2 provides SSD storage, the preferable mode of random access memory. Depending on the services rendered, either WebHost or WordPress, the memory is shared and distributed at the most convenient and cheap prices. A2 coding is also done in Linux and python making it hard to hack or steal clients’ information. It also increases loading time and provides data security.

Services provided by A2 hosting

  • Web hosting.
  • WordPress hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
  • Resale hosting.


Supper customer care services

What happens when a client runs into an error or the system goes down? How long is it going to take for it to run back? A2 has set enough qualified experts who are always there to assist you and provide useful information and support to clients all over the universe. Customer supervision is conducted through live chats, telecommunication, and email .whichever method the client chooses, and the response is always opted to be fast and efficient till customer satisfaction is archived.

Environmental friendly

A2 has impressed most clients in its marketing nature. The introduction of green energy servers has been termed as environmentally friendly all over the universe. The idea has enabled it to be a national organizational promoter for the environment. The trend has been ensured by using carbon emission-free equipment and technology in all locally situated servers and databases. The idea is a marketing technique for all its clients on different hosting companies.

Speed and performance

Speed is one of the biggest considerations of a web hosting company. A2 has ensured higher trending technologies to govern its website’s performance. They have been able to provide turbo plans for most rapidly growing companies with the help of NVMe drives which makes its speed excellent and favorable. The invention and replacement of HDDs to SSD has also been of great impact as this has made storage faster and reliable with less or no faulty regardless of computing power.

Provision of DNS and turbo cache also has a great impact. Good utilization increases the loading speed and the website performance  A2 remains to shine. Out ways, more hosting companies as its main interest have never been maximizing profit and ensuring higher productivity and performance of its client’s websites.

A2 delivers blazing fast speed. The company is constantly investing in new tech, and it provides its customers with excellent website performance.

Free site migration

Unlike other hosting companies, A2gives free website migration offers. They do not charge fees whenever a client is interested in their hosting plan. With a clear provided control panel, the expertise team does everything as the client remains handoff from their website and be at their comfort until the work is completed. This kind of technique assists the customer and gives the customer a free space to make choices for the better and benefit of its business future and stake of its customers.

With this kind of motivation, a client does not regret the time lost on a low-performing company but gets a chance of redemption with the urge of great performance provided by A2 companies.

If you wish to migrate your site to A2 Hosting,follow this link to visit their website

Easy usability and functionality

A2 has provided a friendly interactive interface that gives clients easy time and makes them enjoy interacting with their websites. No customer will want to handle business manually. With this kind of idea in mind, A2 provides a click solution with the help of drop-down menus on both web hosting and WordPress functionality choice of colors is also one of the most important aspects as too much use of colors may be irrational. Still, the best color and use of minimal colors may attract and make a client want to be on the site frequently.

Free web building tools

Unlike other companies, A2 Hosting is known for building a beginner website. We can accommodate even the interested partner with no website host with this tool. Just like a blog is created in a few minutes, A2 has provided and put a team in place to help build a website from scratch to its productivity stage. No client will have to hesitate to join A2 due to lack of a website as all package is in one place, and A2 is always open for the interest of its clients worldwide regardless of their location.

Costs and prices

A 2 hosting being a wide service provider has made it easier for every client to afford its packages and plans. The prices vary from one service to another, and the higher your plan is, the higher the discount you get. From the business starter to the peak with is, the turbocharged A2 seems cheaper, showing their real intentions of business and website promotion rather than maximizing profit for its interest. Below are the prices of different services offered by A2 host

Web hosting

Web hosting has three considerable, affordable plans and is highly productive in management and performance. The provided plans are:

Startup_ This is the minimal plan on web hosting, and it’s customer-friendly with approximately the largest workshop ever provided by any Webhosting company. The plan goes for $2.99USD, a 75% offer, and gives storage of 100GB SSD with free migration and a money-back guarantee.

Drive- a medium plan for a well-situated website that has gained popularity and will like to advance to another business competitive level. This plan is $5.99 monthly with unlimited website hosting, SSD storage, and free migration. Most importantly, automatic backups are always on time and running for data loss safety.

Turbo –as the planned increase and business becomes more productive, customers and clients opt to reach the peak and always see advancement with the help of turbo [plan they remain on the peak and constantly lead in performances. The turbo plan goes for $6.99. The above price is after a 43% discount. It comes with an unlimited number of website hosts, unlimited SSD storage, automatic backups, and a high-speed charge made possible by turbo cache servers.


WordPress hosting also contains three plans, each with different offers and features depending on the price. All the plans are turbo; hence, they are faster and more effective for client subscriptions.

Run plan.- the plan goes for $11.5USD monthly after a 50% discount with a storage of 50GB SSD and one WordPress hosting its faster and efficient compared to other companies due to its turbo cache.

Jump plan-jump plan is the medium plan for A2 host, and with is great offers at a cheaper price, it is more remarkable and affordable to clients and customers using it. It goes for $18.99 monthly with five WordPress website hosts and 250GB SSD storage

Fly plan- as the name suggests, the fly is fascinating and a plan that every business should always aspire to acquire. Fly goes for $28.99USD .all the feature is unlimited and have online backups and the maximum turbo speed.

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  • A2 provides a control panel interface instead of a dashboard. This technique allows customers and clients to control their WordPress management and clearly understand how their system works and operates.
  • Provision of unlimited storage also does not hinder clients on what file to host or post on their website, unlike another WordPress hosting
  • A2 provides an unlimited website to host as one can post as many as they like with a proper and most effective purchase of the plan.
  • A2 provides free Cloudflare.CDN makes it possible for larger files to be uploaded to the cloud for easy retrieval and personal use.
  • The use of Solid State Drives increases its computing power hence making webpage leading more efficient and minimizing leading time
  • A2 uses Hackscan for extra added security of any malicious activity that may be going on the client’s website or WordPress hosting.
  • Turbo servers option for up to 20x speed ensures data and big file upload is faster with a and does not affect the performance of the client’s plan.
  • Software optimization for WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop is also provided, along with other services
  • 99.5% uptime is highly guaranteed to turbo plan clients
  • A2provides  all-time customer support staff who are always at your service each time a client needs them.
  • Unlimited data transfer is effective with the help of high bandwidth provision.

Cons of A2 hosting

  • A2 requires a turbo hosting plan for its faster functionality which makes it hard for a starter client to enjoy its services without turbo servers
  • Server rewind backups require more turbo plan, which makes it an extra cost for clients who wants to remain on minimal plans
  • Turbo plan only comes with the most expensive hosting plan, which is hardly afforded by starting businesses and bloggers.


With A2 in place, no client should worry or get stranded on the best option of powerful web hosting or WordPress hosting company. A2c provides the most quality and efficiencies performance that are highly remarkable with more experience in the local and global market A2 has always worked for the interest of its clients rather than its profit maximization this has always been the best part as all A2 does is only for the interest and better future for their customers and clients.

A2 has also adapted the culture of being local to its clients by ensuring that servers are s closer to the users as possible. With the turbo servers being highly used, any website of WordPress in A2 can never be compared to other web hosting companies in terms of speed .a2 also provides backups that ensure the safety of its client’s data and avoid risk management costs for both company and clients.

A2 is rated as one of the best site hosting companies with cheap and affordable prices that are always favorable for small businesses and personal blogs. At this lower cost, it can handle everything for its clients, ensure the client is at peace, and hand off the website’s management. In addition to that, A2 provides website development from scratch to fully functionality clients no longer have to worry about the cost of website creation as A2 does it all at a proper and cheaper cost with the most qualified tool .this sort extra tool engages the client in website or WordPress building hence reaching the clients limit and expectation.A2 proves to be the home of any thriving business all over the universe due to its competitive nature and localization.