Lowest Web Hosting Price for a Blog in South Africa 2022


If you’re starting a blog in South Africa in 2022 you’ll spend as low as R30 per month. However, the best thing to do as you start a blog is to look for a cheap web hosting with reliable hosting packages.in this article, we will recommend the best web hosting companies with the most reliable products to host your site. Some of the companies are owned by South Africans but majority of them have servers located in USA.

Here is the cheapest amount to pay to host your blog in South Africa:

  • Bluehost–$2.95 per month

You will either pay for 6 months, annually or 3 years. The longer the period you pay for the cheaper the price.To buy hosting space from Bluehost,click on this link and visit their website

  • Host Africa

Cheapest hosting price—R85 per month

  • SmarWeb

Cheapest hosting price—R59 per month

  • SA Webhosts

Cheapest hosting price—R47 per month

  • 1-Grid

Cheapest hosting price—R80 per month

  • Elitehost

Cheapest web hosting price—R45 per month

  • Cloud Fusion

Cheapest web hosting price—R65 per month

From the list above,Bluehost seems to be the most reliable and cheapest web hosting company for South African bloggers.It’s also the best for WordPress sites.To learn more about all their packages,follow these steps