Kenya Website Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing 2022


Kenya Website Experts offers the best web hosting services in Kenya. Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the types of hosting offered by the company. This type of hosting is ideal for high traffic websites, or for other web hosting companies which host many sites. Normally, if a site’s traffic numbers overwhelm Shared Hosting plans, the owner is advised to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting. I find Dedicated Server hosting a better deal because with it, a site will grow naturally without being limited by resources.

For those creating new websites, you can host your site with Shared Hosting plans,click here to learn more about their features and prices

Here are the prices for Kenya Website Experts Dedicated Server plans:

Linux Dedicated Server prices

  1. Starter Dedicated Server—Ksh 15,000 per month
  2. Standard Dedicated Server—Ksh 26,000 per month
  3. Bronze Dedicated Server—Ksh30,000 per month

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Windows Dedicated Server prices

1.       Starter Dedicated Server—Ksh 23,000 per month

2.       Standard Dedicated Server—Ksh 26,000 per month

3.       Bronze Dedicated Server—Ksh33,000 per month

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Dedicated Servers Located in Kenya

Starter—Ksh 50,000 per month

Standard—Ksh70,000 per month

Bronze—Ksh90,000 per month

In case you need a good dedicated server plan in Kenya, Kenya Website Experts is the place to be. You’ll spend as low as Ksh 15,000 per month and get the best services. These servers will sustain millions of visitors every month.