Top 20 best Web Hosting affiliate programs in UK


Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to make money online. There are a number of web hosting companies in UK that offer affiliate marketing opportunities for bloggers. We will list a total of 20 best web hosting companies with affiliate programs in UK.As a blogger, you’ll select a couple of them and create content that will attract your audience into buying the providers’ products.

Here is a list of best affiliate programs in UK :

  • Netnerd

Website link:

Hosting PlanAmount You Get For Referral
Dedicated Server£70.00
  • Ecenica

Website link:

Ecenica’s Web Hosting Affiliate programme is quick to setup, easy to use and 100% free to join! Our affiliate commissions are some of the highest paying in the UK’s web hosting industry.

Earn 10% affiliate commission on the first sign-up. Earn a further commission on renewals.

Refer a new customer to Ecenica and we will pay you 10% commission on each web hosting plan they order. When they renew their web hosting plan we’ll send you more commission and we’ll keep paying you commission for as long as they keep renewing their web hosting plan.

Example Commissions

StartUp: 10% recurring on annual plans = £5 (current rates)

Business: 10% recurring on annual plans = £10

BusinessPro: 10% recurring on annual plans = £20

3 People6 People10+ People
  • WHUK

Website link:

Earn 60% commission (up to £100) per referral

Unbeatable Commission

Our commission structure rewards your success with up to 60% of the order value as commission (up to £100), making ours one of the best earning web hosting affiliate programs available!

£100 bonus for every 10 validated sales you refer in a monthNo minimum threshold – We’ll pay out for every successful referral
  • Fasthosts

Website link:

The Fasthosts Affiliate Programme pays commissions of up to £160 on a range of hosting products. Just promote great Fasthosts products on your website to generate sales and earn money. We work with the Awin network to make it fast and simple.

When is a commission confirmed and paid?

The maximum length of time before commission is paid is 75 days. It is possible to be paid sooner, but order validation must be done prior to authorising sales, thus increasing the wait time.

  • Farbyte

Website link:

Up To 15% Commission

High, recurring commissions.

Commission Rates

Earn passive income with great returns. Our recurring payment system means that you earn commission for every payment we receive from that client, for the entire duration of the service!

15% recurring web hosting

10-15% recurring any VPS

10% recurring email & reseller hosting

10% recurring managed WordPress

Your commission’s are sent to your bank or PayPal account

Alternatively, you can exchange them for any Farbyte services (e.g. web, email & VPS hosting)

  • 20i

Website link:

Earn up to £60 per sale promoting the UK’s top-rated web hosting company. Recommend web hosting that your customers, readers or friends will fall in love with.

  • Kualo

Website link:

Hosting Type% CommissionExample Commission
Shared Hosting40% 1st Payment$86.30 on an $8.99/mo Essential Hosting Plan on a 24 month contract
Reseller Hosting40% 1st Payment$136.76 on a $28.49/mo Starter Reseller Plan on a 12 month contract
Cloud VPS Servers80% 1st Month$167.99 on a $209.99/mo Large Fully Managed Cloud VPS
Email Marketing80% 1st Month$31.99 on a $39.99/mo 5000 Contact Plan
Enterprise Email80% 1st Month$59.96 on a $74.95/mo 5 User Zimbra Business Plans
  • Krystal

Website link:

# Of Sales Per MonthCommission
1-5 sales£25 per sale
6-10 sales£35 per sale
11-20 sales£50 per sale
21+ salesCustom rate. Contact us.

We understand users might not convert right away, that’s why we provide a generous 90-day cookie based tracking window to ensure you get credited for the sale.

  • Uk Web.Solutions Direct

Website link:

How do I earn commission?

Once an order is completed you will earn 10% commission on any web hosting package ordered as part of that sale. Commission is paid to your billing account as credit which can be used against new orders or renewal of your existing services with us. Note, we do not pay out cash.

The payout point is £15. At the end of each month any affiliate with earnings at £15 or over will have this value credited to their billing account. If you don’t reach the payout point in a given month we will simply roll your commission over until you hit the target.

  • Jolt

Website link:

100% of Any New Hosting Sale

For example, if someone signs up and pays us £75 per year for shared hosting, Jolt will pay you the full £75!

  • Miles Web

Website link:

Signups Per MonthCommission Per Signup
  • Eco Web hosting

Website link:

Special comissions and exclusive offers

We offer a 20% commission rate on our products, as well as special commission rates for events.

Customer buys

earth domain name  £3.60

Business VPS monthly  £4.80

Professional Web Hosting package (annual)  £13.00

Ultimate Managed WordPress package (annual)  £80.00

  • HostMedia

Website link:

How it works

  • Copy and paste your referral tracking link on to your website
  • You will be paid for referrals who sign up with us by clicking on your referral tracking link
  • View live stats for all your referrals
  • View payments by referral
  • Keep track of your commission payouts

Payout Overview

  • Affiliates will be paid for every successful new sign-up referred to us via the referral tracking link
  • New sign-ups must stay a minimum of 60 days for affiliate commission to be paid
  • Affiliates are paid via PayPal when their account reaches £50 GBP minimum withdrawal limit
  • If a referral changes their service plan within 60 days of their sign-up, the referral commission of the lower priced plan will be paid
  • If a referral cancels or charges-back, the affiliate will not be paid a referral commission

Instant Stats

All stats are updated instantly, so you know how much you earn as soon as anyone orders through your affiliate link. Just send the unique URL we will generate for you to your friends and family.

  • GoDaddy

Website link:

GoDaddy pays affiliates a one-time 15% on most items. Annual hosting plans pay $25 for a repeat customer and $100 for new customers

  • Bluehost

Affiliate link:

Bluehost pays $65 to $120 per sale.

We pay commissions through PayPal or Electronic Bank Transfer. We also pay all fees associated with the payment, so you get the full $65 for each sale.

Our custom tracking is hard-coded into our platform so you always get credit. We have several ways of tracking sales. The primary way is a cookie drop from your affiliate link. This stays on your customer’s browser for 90 days so you can get the sale even if they don’t commit right away (unless the customer clears their cache & cookies before then).

Just reach out to our affiliate support team, and they’ll be happy to work with you and share tips and tricks from top affiliates:

  • A2 Hosting

Affiliate link:

Why A2’s Affiliate Program is the Best

  • High Commissions that reward you for selling more
  • ​Custom Customer Welcome Email & Landing Page For Top Affiliates
  • Active & Responsive Affiliate Program Management
  • Real Time Affiliate Stats
  • Long 90-Day Cookie Life
  • Easy-To-Use Post Affiliate Pro Control Panel
  • Deep Linking (Choose Where You Link)
  • High Conversion Rates & Customer Retention

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for our Affiliate Program here
  2. Access your affiliate account once you are approved for the program. There you’ll find your customized affiliate link. Copy and paste your A2 Hosting marketing material onto your website, emails and newsletter.
  3. Earn commission each time a new customer clicks on your A2 Hosting affiliate link and purchases a new hosting package!

1-10 Sales Earn $55 Per Sale

11-15 Sales Earn $75 Per Sale

16-20 Sales Earn $100 Per Sale

21+ Sales Earn $125 Per Sale

  • SiteGround

Website link:

  • 1-5 Sales /mo $50 /sale
  • 6-10 Sales /mo $75 /sale
  • 11-20 Sales /mo $100 /sale
  • 21+ Sales /mo Custom Commissions
  • Hostgator

Website link:

1-5 =$65 per signup

6-10=$75 per signup

11-20=$75 per signup

21+=$125 per signup

  • Accu Web Hosting

Website link:

Why should I join the AccuWeb Affiliate Program?

Here are the benefits of joining our affiliate program.

  • Flat rate high commission starting from $25 up to $200 per sign up
  • Extended cookie life of 90 days
  • We will pay you for each signup, plus every visitor you bring to our website.
  • Unlimited money earning potential.
  • No entry barriers.
  • Support from an expert affiliate team.
  • A wide range of attractive marketing materials
  • Training videos and articles.
  • Calculate your potential commission from here: Affiliate calculator.

Shared Hosting

SignupsCommission to you
1 to 10 new signup / Month$25 USD / Signup
11 to 20 new signup / Month$40 USD / Signup
21 to 30 new signup / Month$50 USD / Signup
31+ new signup / Month$65 USD / Signup

Reseller Hosting

SignupsCommission to you
1 to 10 new signup / Month$35 USD / Signup
11 to 20 new signup / Month$50 USD / Signup
21 to 30 new signup / Month$75 USD / Signup
31+ new signup / Month$100 USD / Signup

VPS Hosting

SignupsCommission to you
1 to 10 new signup / Month$50 USD / Signup
11 to 30 new signup / Month$75 USD / Signup
31 to 100 new signup / Month$100 USD / Signup
100+ new signup / Month$125 USD / Signup

Dedicated Server

SignupsCommission to you
1 to 10 new signup / Month$100 USD / Signup
11 to 20 new signup / Month$125 USD / Signup
21 to 30 new signup / Month$150 USD / Signup
31+ new signup / Month$200 USD / Signup
  • WebHost.UK.Net

Website link:

Earn Money with us

“Earn as much as £400 GBP per sale, without investing and without taking any efforts, just by referring us” is what WEBHOSTUK LTD offers! One of the most easy money making and popular business within the industry. Place our banner or text link on the most visible place of your website home page/ blog, email newsletters or even in your signature and earn up to £400 on every sale through your ad, simple as it is!

How it works?

No matter if you are our existing client or do not have any services with us. WEBHOSTUK LTD affiliate program provides an opportunity to the affiliates to earn the highest commission in market and the clients can enjoy the great deals on wide range of products from U.K.’s top web hosting provider, which we are well known for! You get a chance to earn up to £400 for every sale through your ad, banner or text link which refers clients to our company..

See our commission payout per sale

Linux Dedicated Servers Commission payout per sale
Server NameIntel Xeon 2.33 GhzDualCore Xeon 3.0 GhzIntel Pentium Dual Core 2.8 GhzIntel Quad Core Xeon 2.66 GhzLinux Dual QuadCore Xeon2.5 GhzLinux Intel QuadCore Xeon 2.4 GhzLinux Intel QuadCore Xeon 2.4 Ghz with SASLinux QuadCore Xeon 2.4 Ghz
Commission£ 79 GBP£ 100 GBP£ 110 GBP£ 125 GBP£ 390 GBP£ 170 GBP£ 200 GBP£ 130 GBP
Windows Dedicated Servers Commission payout per sale
Server NameIntel Xeon 2.33 GhzDualCore Xeon 3.0 GhzIntel Pentium Dual Core 2.8 GhzIntel Quad Core Xeon 2.66 GhzWindows Dual QuadCore Xeon2.5 GhzWindows Intel QuadCore Xeon 2.4 GhzWindows Intel QuadCore Xeon 2.4 Ghz with SASWindows QuadCore Xeon 2.4 Ghz
Commission£ 100 GBP£ 120 GBP£ 120 GBP£ 125 GBP£ 400 GBP£ 170 GBP£ 220 GBP£ 135 GBP
Linux Virtual Private Servers Commission payout per sale
Server NameLinux CallistoLinux EuropaLinux GanymedeLinux Semi-dedicated
Commission£ 30 GBP£ 40 GBP£ 25 GBP£ 25 GBP
Windows Virtual Private Servers Commission payout per sale
Server NameWindows CallistoWindows EuropaWindows GanymedeWindows Semi-dedicated
Commission£ 40 GBP£ 45 GBP£ 35 GBP£ 30 GBP
Linux Reseller Hosting Commission payout per sale
Server NameLinux BronzeLinux SilverLinux GoldLinux Platinum
Commission£ 5 GBP£ 10 GBP£ 13 GBP£ 18 GBP
Linux Shared Hosting Commission payout per sale
Server NameLinux StandardLinux EliteLinux BusinessLinux ProLinux EcommerceLinux UKLX Promo
Commission£ 3 GBP£ 7 GBP£ 10 GBP£ 15 GBP£ 18 GBP£ 25 GBP
Windows Shared Hosting Commission payout per sale
Server NameWindows StandardWindows EliteWindows BusinessWindows ProWindows EcommerceWindows UKLX Promo
Commission£ 7 GBP£ 10 GBP£ 18 GBP£ 25 GBP£ 20 GBP£ 22 GBP
  • Dream Host

Website link:

Monthly Plan Payout
Starting at $15/referral
Yearly Plan Payout
Starting at $50/referral
Shared Starter ?$15$50
Shared Unlimited ?$30$100
VPS (Virtual Private Server) ?$30$100
Dedicated Server ?$200$200
DreamPress (WordPress Hosting) ?$150$150
  • Umbrella Host

Website link:

Umbrella Host offers you the opportunity to earn up to £25 per web hosting referral. Its quick and easy to use. There’s no limit on how much you can earn and we pay out on a monthly basis. Signup today!

Hosting Solution referral amounts:

  • Linux Hosting: Monthly / Yearly @ 10%
  • Business Web Hosting: Monthly / Yearly @ 15%
  • Windows hosting: Monthly / Yearly 8%
  • VPS Servers: Monthly / Yearly @ 7.5-12%

Please Note:

  1. The Umbrella Host Affiliate Referral Programme is designed to reward customers.
  2. You must have £50 or more to make a withdrawal from your affiliate commissions balance to your PayPal account.
  3. You must not try to process self referrals as we will block you from the Umbrella Host affiliate programme.
  4. All affiliate requests have a 45 day payout delay to allow for refunds & disputes.
  5. Hostpapa

Website link:

For every new qualified sale you send us, you will earn CAD $75 (USD $56) commission, and there is no limit to the amount of commission you can earn! Top HostPapa affiliates are earning more than $10,000 monthly.

  • Host100

Website link:

0% commission

With all Microsoft Email services, you’ll receive 10% commission.

15% commission

You’ll receive 15% commission on all web hosting plans and backup services.

  • PD Hosting

Website link:

arn up to 50% commission.

Join our Affiliate Program for free and earn commission by promoting PD Hosting products.

With exceptional commission rates, no limit on how much you can earn and cookies that last for 90 days, our affiliate program is one of the most attractive referral schemes around.

You don’t need to be a customer. Anyone is free to become a pdHosting affiliate.

What you get:

  • Easy set-up
  • Customized referral links
  • Variety of banners
  • 90 days cookie period
  • Exclusive affiliate promotions
  • Up to 50% commission rate
  • Directly paid into your PayPal account