Most marketable diploma courses in Kenya 2023


This year 2023 if you want to pursue a diploma course, you MUST identify a marketable one. There are many diploma courses in Kenya but most of them are useless. Millions of Kenyans are currently jobless because they didn’t pursue the right course.

A marketable course will get you a nice job or at least enable you start a business in your area of specialization. In this article I will explain why each of the courses are marketable.

Diploma in Accounting

Diploma in Accounting is marketable only if you add CPA or ACCA.Make sure that as you pursue your diploma you also enroll for CPA or ACCA.With those qualifications, you will easily secure a job as a cashier, auditor or accountant.

Diploma in Mobile Phone Technology

Nowadays one of the most profitable businesses to do in Kenya is mobile phone repair. Diploma in mobile phone technology will help you get essential skills that will enable you to start your own business. With this business, you only require rent, no stock is required. With a capital of Ksh20, 000, you are good to go.

Diploma in Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying is a hot cake course, it’s very marketable in Kenya. Quantity Surveyors earn over 100k per month especially those working in counties. Even if you aren’t able to secure employment, you can start your own firm as a quantity surveyor.

Diploma in Constructions Management

Pursue diploma in Construction Management and later start your own construction company. This is one area that has many millionaires. Imagine if you are constructing a house of Ksh10 million, you will earn at least Ksh3 million. In a year if you construct 10 houses you will make over Ksh10 million.

Diploma in Automobile engineering

Automobile Engineering is one course I would recommend to anyone who wants to start their own garage. Garage business is very profitable. You can even do the business online. Create a website and also Facebook page, promote your work. Position your mechanics in every town such that when someone needs your services, the mechanic is available to help them.

Mechanical engineers are also employed in various industries in Kenya

Diploma in Pharmacy

Most Pharmacists in Kenya own their clinics. Pharmacy business is among the most profitable businesses in Kenya. As a student, thing along that line of entrepreneurship. After college, look for capital and start your own chemist. For your information, not everyone is allowed to operate a Chemist, it’s for qualified clinical officers and pharmacists. This automatically eliminates competition.

Diploma in Real Estate Management

Go to school and learn how to manage property and deal with real estate, then start your own real estate company. There are also several real estate companies in Kenya employing real estate professional, one of them is Knight Frank. There is a lot of money in the real estate.

    Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies

Diploma in Animation and Motion studies will help you to create games and sell online. Nowadays kids love video games.

    Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

This is probably one of the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya. It’s almost impossible to be jobless when you possess a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. You can start your own clinic or get employed by a health facility in Kenya.

    Diploma in Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is an excellent course particularly for those who are good in mathematics and sciences. But you should know a lot about coding and programming because these are the skills required in the country. After college, start your own IT Company which develops App and IT systems used by various local companies.

  • Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Most Kenyans who have mental issues, others depressed would want to get your services. Diploma in Counselling and Psychology will help you start your own consultancy to help solve mental issues and family conflicts. Various NGOs and government organizations also employ counselling professionals.

    Diploma in Criminology and Security Management

With a diploma in Criminology and Security Management will get you a job in security firms or government institutions. You can also start your own security firm and employ security personnel.

    Diploma in Dental Technology

If I were to go to school I would pursue Diploma in Dental Technology and start my own dental clinic. My friend, there is money in this area. Just walk around in Dental clinics and see the number of clients lining up for services.

    Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development

Our government employ qualified teachers with ECED every year, this is a very marketable course.

    Diploma in Education

Pursue a diploma in Education, both Science and Arts specialization are good. Though salaries for teachers are not high, you can’t be jobless when you possess this qualification.

    Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical installation will make you a millionaire. Pursue Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and start your own hustle—you will never sleep hungry.

    Diploma in Film Production

YouTube is one of the platforms Kenyans are using to make money online. Start creating your own films and post them on YouTube. You can also look for a job in various local media houses.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one course which will always put food on the table. There are plenty of jobs for mechanical engineering especially those from Technical University of Kenya.

Nowadays the number of cars in Kenya are many and the demand for mechanics has gone high. If you have enough capital, start your own garage and make money by repairing cars.

    Diploma in Food Science and Processing Technology

Pursue Food Science and Processing Technology course and start your own restaurant. You can also start cake baking business. There are skills you will learn in college that will give you an upper hand in the business world.

    Diploma in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management is a good course, it’s very marketable. There are many things you can do with the course. One of them is to get employed in the hospitality industry. You can also start the business of events organizing and management.

Hotel Industry is booming at the moment, your diploma won’t disappoint you.

    Diploma in Human Resource Management

With HR qualification I won’t recommend that you seek employment, but start your own recruitment agency. Right now recruitment agencies for Middle East are making a lot of money. If you join the area, you will also reap big.

You can also start the business of writing CV and Cover letter and also advertising jobs.

    Diploma in Information Technology

IT will always be a marketable course. But you should specialize in Software part which will help you to design Apps for companies and also do programming.

    Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication is very marketable especially if you pursue it at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. After graduation, you’ll get a job in various media houses in the country or start your own blog. You can also post videos on YouTube and earn money online.

    Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology is similar to Diploma in Pharmacy and it’s very marketable. The level of unemployment is almost zero. Even without formal employment, you can start your own clinic/pharmacy.

    Diploma in Project Management

Diploma in Project Management is ideal and marketable to those who already employed especially in NGOs.

This course is good only when you already possess a degree in Statistic, Business Administration etc. With just a Diploma in Project Management, you may not be marketable.

  Diploma in Special Needs Education

Special Need Education diploma is extremely marketable. Schools offering this kind of teaching pay decent salaries. If you secure employment in an international school, you will be paid more than Ksh100, 000 per month.

You can also start your own Special Need Education School.

Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation

A Diploma in Monitoring & evaluation is marketable for statisticians and project managers. This will help you get a promotion or secure employment in NGOs.