Best courses to do in Kenya with C- and C plain in KCSE 2023


With a C- and C plain in KCSE you will only be allowed to pursue a diploma course. But you must look for a marketable diploma course to pursue, one that will help you get a job quickly or become self-employed. This year 2023, here are the best and most marketable diploma courses to study with C- grade.

Diploma in Pharmacy

Diploma in Pharmacy is definitely the best course to study in Kenya if you scored C- or C plain. But most colleges require a C plain. After college you can employ yourself by starting your own pharmacy or seeking opportunities in hospitals and clinics. Jobs are in plenty for pharmacists in Kenya.

Diploma in Nursing

Another diploma course you should pursue in Kenya is one related to nursing. This one is a sure bet. You can’t be jobless in Kenya when you possess nursing qualification. The good thing is that UK, USA, Canada, Australia or even Dubai are employing Kenyan nurses in plenty.

Diploma in Accounting

You can also pursue a diploma in Accounting if you want to become a cashier, accountant or auditor. But for you to become marketable, you have to add a professional course.CPA and ACCA are the best professional courses to do which are in line with your career. Without a professional qualification, you may not be marketable.

Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies

Pursue diploma in Animation and Motion Studies then start your own business. The demand for toys and animation products is high.

Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

If you scored C plain, don’t hesitate to pursue Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery, it’s marketable. Every hospital and clinic in Kenya needs your skills. You will not be jobless even for 6 months.

Diploma in Computer Engineering

You will not go wrong by pursuing Diploma in Computer Engineering. But you have to be good in mathematics and sciences. You will be earning over 100k per month when you secure employment.

Learn programming skills, know how to code and how to develop Apps.There are many companies in Kenya employing people with these skills.

Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Counselling Psychology is a good course, you will get skills, start your own firm and get clients. Even Mathare Hospital will employ you. There are many institutions employing people who can do counselling.

Diploma in Criminology and Security Management

Do a diploma in Criminology and Security Management and seek employment in security firms. There are plenty of opportunities in security firms. You can even start as a watchman and within no time, you are a supervisor.

The skills will also enable you start your own security company.

Diploma in Dental Technology

Diploma in Dental Technology is definitely a course I will encourage any KCSE candidate to study. You don’t even have to get employed, just set up your own clinic and see how you will become rich so quickly.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development

Early Childhood Education and Development is a course which equips you with skills on how to handle young children, mostly below 7 years. The course is ideal for women. There are plenty of opportunities in public and primary schools for these teachers.

Diploma in Education

Whether it’s Education Arts or Sciences, the courses are marketable. Every year, more than 20,000 teachers are employed by the government. Even private institutions employ thousands of teachers annually. But get prepared to earn Ksh15,000 to Ksh40,000 per month.

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

With a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering, you will do electrical installations and repairs. The demand for this job is high in Kenya. You will charge Ksh20, 000 to Ksh500, 000 for every work you do in installations.

This is one are you are sure that jobs will be there because houses are being build daily.

Diploma in Film Production

Another good course for C- or C plain is Film Production. Nowadays there is YouTube, act on scripts and upload on YouTube, you’ll earn decent income which will not let you look for a job.

Diploma in Food Science and Processing Technology

Food Science and Processing Technology is important, you will learn skills important that will enable you secure employment in food processing industries. You can also start your own business.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

In the hospitality industry there are plenty of jobs, hotels, pubs, clubs, tour companies etc. With skills and knowledge in hospitality management, you can be jobless.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

Pursue a Diploma in Human Resource Management and start your own company. Nowadays companies recruiting people to Middle East are making millions. Start a company that recruits people that writes CV and cover letters.

Diploma in Information Technology

IT course will help you learn how to code, how to develop Apps and software. You will start your own IT Company and make money by selling software and Apps.You can also start the business of mobile phone repair.

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalist and Mass Communication can be marketable if you know how to position yourself. You can be a writer and earn up to Ksh150, 000 per month.

Diploma in Marketing Management

For those who want to become marketers, enroll for a diploma in Marketing Management. Every company needs a marketer, it’s very easy to get a job with this qualification.

Diploma in Micro Finance

There are several microfinance institutions in Kenya and they recruit regularly. Go for a course in Microfinance then add CPA,you will be very marketable.

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology

Enroll for a course in Pharmaceutical Technology, then get a job in hospitals, counties, government institutions, pharmacies or NGOs.Alternatively, start your own Chemist. You actually need Ksh300,000 to Ksh 500,000 to start a Chemist. You know, not everyone is allowed to run a chemist in Kenya, you have to be a qualified pharmacist.

Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy

PR has always been a very good course. Learn how to do PR online and offline. After college you can start your own marketing company, especially for social media products. There are also plenty of opportunities for PR professionals especially in counties.

Diploma in Purchasing and Procurement Management

Procurement is a marketable course, but ensure you have added a professional course on top of your diploma. You can start your own firm or get a job in the procurement department of any organization.

Diploma in Special Needs Education

So many schools especially in Nairobi are in need of Special Need Education teachers, and they pay decent salaries. You will even be required to take care of special kids in rich families. Some of these rich people pay up to Ksh100,000 per month.

Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management

There are many tour companies and hotels employing those who graduate with a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management. You will also thing of starting a tour company, it’s easy to get a license.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a real deal, it’s the best course for those who want to start their own garage. The course is especially ideal for men. After graduation don’t even think of getting employed, look for a good space and start your own garage.

Diploma in Mortuary Science

KMTC has introduced a Diploma in Mortuary Science. This is the hottest course at the moment, With a C- you will be able to pursue the course that takes a maximum of 3 years. Jobs are plenty.

Diploma in Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management course will give you skills to help you manage real estate property. There are many companies employing graduates with these qualifications. Even if you don’t get employed, you can start your real estate firm that sells land and manages property.

Diploma in Construction Management

To start a construction company, you need skills, which you can obtain from school through Construction Management course. There is a lot of money in the construction industry, what you need are the right people who can execute a project perfectly.

Diploma in Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying is a prefect course, it’s very marketable. This jobs also pays well. You can even ask around, you will discover that everyone who did Quantity Surveying as a course is doing great.

Diploma in Architecture

Diploma in Architecture will equip you with skills which you will use to come up with house plans. Imagine one house plan from a professional costs Ksh 30,000 to Ks 1 million. Even if you do 100 plans per year, you will be rich.

Diploma in technology (event and convention management)

Even management course is also excellent.It will reach a time only those with qualifications in event management will be allowed to run event management companies. It’s advisable to acquire skills first before setting up your business.

Diploma in technology (applied statistics)

Applied Statistics is a decent diploma course. But make sure you do statistical packages like SPSS,R and Stata in order to become marketable.

Diploma in Actuarial Science

Another diploma you should think of pursuing is Actuarial Science.But this one is good for C plain material and those who are good in mathematics.

As you pursue your course, enroll for a professional course in Actuarial Science. Insurance companies,banks,stock brokers and research firms will employ you.