Kenyan graduate with 2 degrees and CPA who has been jobless for 9 years


 A Kenyan with 2 degrees and CPA is desperately looking for a job. The graduate has been jobless for 9 good years, he has sent over 1000 applications but nobody has ever considered him for a job.

The man from Meru County paraded his certificates in the streets of Nairobi and begged Kenyans to employ him. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Maths/Business), Bachelor of Commerce and CPA.He did all this to boost his chances of getting a job but it seems pursing two degrees was his main undoing.

Though he marketed his profile in the streets, major companies have not responded. But there are individuals who have offered to give him internships, others will give him temporary duties.

In Kenya, unemployment is a major issue, over 5 million Kenyans are now jobless. Without proper connections and money, you won’t secure any job.

Here is the photo of the graduate carrying a placard in the streets of Nairobi: