Is Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) marketable in Kenya?


Many Kenyans will tell you that Bachelor of Commerce is not marketable in Kenya, but my view is different. Bcom is a very marketable course in Kenya. All that matters is how to position yourself in the job market.Yes,I agree that it’s hard to secure employment with a bachelor’s degree only, however there are many graduates who get jobs without any additional course.

If you want to get a job quickly with a degree in BCom,first make sure you score first class in college or if you don’t get that, then a Second Class Upper division is okay.

Noting that it’s difficult to get a job with a degree only, enroll for a professional course related to BCom.Currently, CFA is the most marketable professional certification in Kenya. Immediately you graduate, register for CFA.It will take you at least two years to complete. With CFA Level 1 and undergraduate course, start searching for employment especially in the financial sector. I can guarantee you it won’t take long before you get a job simply because very few Kenyans have pursued CFA.

If you don’t find CFA appealing for you, go for ACCA.I prefer ACCA over CPA because most multinationals in Kenya recognize ACCA more than CPA.The good thing about ACCA is that you can even pursue the course while in college.

For those who want to go to the audit world, enroll for CFE or Certified Internal Auditor qualifications. Upon completion, start looking for a job.

There are also Bcom graduates who would prefer being Actuaries,it’s actually possible.All you need is a degree in BCom then enroll for Actuarial Professional courses which are offered by SOA or UK Actuarial bodies.

One mistake most BCom graduates make is that they don’t bother to pursue professional courses yet competition for few available jobs is high. Another mistake is that all of them go for CPA instead of doing something unique like CFA.

I have also met many graduates who proceeded to pursue MBA without getting a job first,this is a big MISTAKE.MBA is for those who are already employed and want to get a promotion.

When looking for employment, don’t concentrate on big companies only—everyone is also focusing there. Drop CVs in small companies, some of them not even known by graduates. If you drop more than 100 blind job applications, a couple of them will call you for interviews.

We have also noticed this that most graduates give up easily. You get someone graduating in December, drops CVs to three companies and if they don’t get a job, they give up. Life after college is tough especially for fresh graduates. You have to be consistent, persistent and strategic. In case you drop CVs and fail to get a job, look for the right connections, be on LinkedIn, look for unpaid internships to gain experience. If you make efforts consistently, you will certainly secure employment.