Highest paying parastatals and government institutions in Kenya


If you want to make a lot of money in government, there are specific parastatals and government institutions you should join. Avoid being employed in ministries because they don’t pay decent income. We have Class A parastatals which pay up to Ksh180, 000 to fresh graduates.

 Here is a list of the highest paying parastatals and government institutions in Kenya:


KenGen pays even secretaries more than Ksh 80,000 per month. There are secretaries pocketing over Ksh300k per month. Fresh graduates with a Degree earn above Ksh130,000 monthly.

Those who have been working with KenGen for more than 10 years earn over Ksh200,000 monthly.

Kenya Power

Kenya Power is another well-paying parastatal. Graduates fresh from campus earn Ksh 120,000 to Ksh180, 000.Those with diploma qualification earn above Ksh60,000.

Kenya Power is also one of the most secure work places in Kenya. Once you are employed there,you will not be easily sacked.


EACC deals with corruption in the country. The workers here are paid well to prevent them from being corrupt. Junior employees earn up to Ksh400, 000 per month while the CEO pockets over Ksh2 million monthly. With a degree and zero years of experience you will earn Ksh180,000 and above.

National Intelligence Service

Another institution that you should advise every job seeker to join is NIS.These ones have a different budget from the one the National Police Service receives.NIS officers earn Ksh150,000 to Ksh 300,000 per month. With at least 3 years of experience, one is guaranteed of a monthly salary of Ksh250, 000 and above.

Geothermal Development Company

If you join GDC as a graduate trainee, your salary during training is Ksh60, 000 to Ksh90, 000.Upon completion of training, you are paid Ksh 120,000 to Ksh150, 000 as the starting salary.

Central Bank of Kenya

Central Bank of Kenya is among top 10 best paying institutions in Kenya. They mostly employ people through internships. After the internship program is over,those absorbed into the system earn Ksh 180,000 to Ksh250,000 as the starting salary.At Managerial level, employees at CBK earn over Ksh600,000 per month.

Kenya Airports Authority

Another good institution to work for in Kenya is Kenya Airports Authority. Graduate Trainees are paid Ksh130, 000 to Ksh170, 000 per month while employees who have worked for the company for more than 5 years earn over Ksh250,000 monthly. Even a secretary at KAA pockets above Ksh80, 000 monthly.

Kenya Revenue Authority

Kenya Revenue Authority pays interns Ksh20,000 per month. Those who are employed on contract earn Ksh 80,000 to Ksh 120,000 per month. Officers earn Ksh 80,000 to Ksh 150,000 per month while Supervisors pocket Ksh 180,000 to Ksh350,000 monthly. All managers take home more than Ksh 350,000 every month.

Retirement Benefits Authority

RBA mostly employ Actuaries, Financial Analysts, Statisticians and those who majored in business and IT courses. Graduate Trainees earn over Ksh 130,000 monthly. After confirmation as RBA employee, your salary will not be less than Ksh 150,000.With Actuarial Science Degree and professional courses, you will earn more than Ksh250,000 per month at RBA.

Nairobi Securities Exchange

NSE is one of the most important institutions in the country. Those who are lucky to be employed by Nairobi Securities Exchange are eating with a big spoon. Fresh graduates with at most 3 years of experience earn above Ksh150,000 per month.

While it’s hard to secure employment at NSE,if you pursue CFA or a degree from UK or USA you are likely to secure employment at the institution.

Capital Markets Authority

CMA is a good employer. It rarely employs people but we understand that their salaries are decent. In a month, a graduate with basic qualifications take home over Ksh 200,000 monthly.


There is a lot of money at NTSA.Apart from the salary you’ll be earning, you are also going to earn money from other sources.NTSA pays fresh graduates more than Ksh 120,000 per month.

Senior managers at NTSA take home over Ksh700, 000 per month.

Insurance Regulatory Authority

With a degree in Actuarial Science, you will make over Ksh150, 000 per month at the Insurance Regulatory Authority. The institution pays workers decent salary.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

KCAA pays similar amount to KAA.Graduates who are recruited without experience earn as high as Ksh 180,000 per month.If you manage to reach middle level management  position,you will pocket at least Ksh 400,000 monthly.