I graduated with a Bachelor of Actuarial Science in 2015,I am jobless. How can I get a job?


I am Job from Kenya. I graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2015 with Actuarial Science. In high school I scored A plain. I thought getting a job in Kenya is easy but I was wrong. I have been looking for employment since then without any success. There is one I got but they wanted me to pay Ksh 500,000 to get it,I didn’t have money that time.

I am now stranded at home, I even ask my parents for small money, I feel embarrassed.

What can I do to get employed in Kenya? Please help.


Graduating with Actuarial Science degree is not enough, you need to register for professional courses in Actuarial Science. The courses are administered either in USA or UK.If you successfully complete the courses, you will easily secure employment in the Actuarial Industry, Insurance, audit firms, banking or government institutions.

Alternatively, register for Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course, it’s very marketable.CFA will get you a job in the banking industry, Nairobi Securities Exchange, CMA, RBA, IRA, insurance companies and stock brokers. The starting salary is Ksh150,000.

Actuarial Science and CFA are two marketable courses to do to supplement your undergraduate course.

If you don’t have money to enroll for those courses, start a small business. There are many businesses to start with small capital,with as little as Ksh10,000.You can even start a YouTube channel or a blog where you post and earn from AdSense.

Never enroll for a Masters in Actuarial Science if you don’t have a job.It’s better to pursue professional courses than Masters program. But if you opt to do masters courses, then proceed to pursue a PhD and secure a job as a lecturer.