Highest paying Audit firms in Kenya which pay fresh graduates more than Ksh100, 000 per month


If you wish to work for audit firms in Kenya, you have to pick the highest paying audit firm. There are a couple of audit firms which pay fresh graduates at least Ksh 100,000 per month. The Big Four audit firms, like PWC and Deloitte pay decent salaries. Below we have summarized the list of best paying audit firms in Kenya, they include:


PWC is the best paying audit firm in Kenya. Fresh graduates are paid Ksh 80,000 to Ksh150,000.If you manage to work for the company for more than 5 years, your monthly salary will be above Ksh200,000.Partners are the highest paid individuals at PWC,they earn over Ksh1.2 million every month each.


Deloitte is located in Westlands,it also pays good money. Every year, they employ fresh graduates who are paid Ksh 70,000 to Ksh 90,000 during training. Upon completion of training, they are employed full time where they pocket over Ksh120,000 monthly. Those who work as supervisors and junior managers earn over Ksh250,000 monthly with Managers taking home more than Ksh 350,000 every month. Partners earn in excess of Ksh1 million every month.

To join Deloitte you must possess undergraduate course with at least Second Class Upper Division. If you possess professional courses like CPA, CFA, ACCA, CFE or Actuarial certificates, you will have an upper hand.


Ernst & Young is not a small audit firm, it’s among the big four audit companies in the world. The firm employs fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals. Fresh graduates earn more than Ksh70, 000 monthly. With at least 3 years of experience, you will pocket Ksh 180,000-Ksh250, 000 monthly.

Those who possess Actuarial Science professional courses and CFA earn the most, they are recruited as professionals and paid at least Ksh300, 000 monthly regardless of the number of years they have worked.


I know tens of people working at KPMG, they drive good cars and live in posh estates. These guys joined the company as graduate trainees, their starting salaries were Ksh 75,000 to Ksh120, 000.Some have worked for the company for 5 years and they are paid more than Ksh 250,000.

KPMG is among top 3 best paying audit firms in Kenya especially for experienced professionals. With over 7 years of experience, you will not earn less than Ksh300,000.

The highest paid employees take home Ksh1.2 million to Ksh3 million monthly.


PKF East Africa is located in Westlands,it’s also a good company to work for.Their monthly pay for fresh graduates range between Ksh60,000 and Ksh100,000.But they don’t pay as well as the 4 mentioned audit firms above.


If you are looking for an opportunity in an audit firm which will train you to become the best in the industry, join HLB International. With a degree fresh from college,the company will pay you over Ksh 70,000.After training, your salary will be above Ksh100,000 monthly.


RSM E.A mostly deals with tax issues.It’s here you can join, get experience and join KRA.They prefer employing graduates with first class or second upper in Bcom, Actuarial Science or Statistics. You should also possess CPA or CFA if you want to be absorbed by the company. Their starting salary is Ksh 60,000 to Ksh 110,000.


To get a chance at Baker Tilly International is not easy but if you get one,you will earn good salary.With a couple of years of experience, you will earn over ksh150,000 monthly.


BDO in East Africa works in several East African country.It’s one of the best Audit& Accounting firms to work for in Kenya.Their salaries go as high as Ksh200,000 for fresh graduates.With a degree and zero professional experience,you will be paid Ksh65,000 to Ksh 90,000.After 3-5 years of experience,your salary will be raised to more than Ksh150,000.