Top 20 Highest Followed Tiktokers in Kenya 2023


As popularity of Tiktok soar,there are a number of Kenyans making a living off the social media platform.Here is a list of top 20 most followed TikTokers in Kenya 2023:

  1. Moya David, Dancer – 3.7m

He rose to fame as the most followed Tik toker surpassing 3million followers. David is known for surprising his fans with a partner recording from behind the scenes. David recently took a patent to protect his dance moves from being copied by other people.The Tiktoker charges Ksh 8,000 to Ksh20,000 per surprise.

  • Vicky Brandon, Comedian  – 2.8m

He rose to fame on titk tok after making short hilarious comic videos. Vicky is among the best comedians when it comes to  Tik tok, and because of his influence he has been able to  get brand endorsements with corporate companies.

  • Azziad Nasenya, Content Creator   -2.5m

She is famously known as Kenya’s TikTok Queen… and   has been  on tik tok since 2019. Azziad  has in the past won awards as an actress, content creator, media host and social media personality. She has recently been nominated to a state job by CS Ababu Namwamba.

  • Michael Bundi (@Realmichaelbundi)  -2.3m

Michael Bundi and his son Fayez Bundi are famously known as Tiktok co-stars. They share videos of themselves singing together and have amassed a following of more than 2 million people on the platform.

  • Dennis Ombachi, Cook   – 2m

Dennis Ombachi has won Africa’s Best Content Creator in TikTok Award 2022. Ombachi is a former rugby player and a self-taught chef. He shares his cooking videos on all his social platforms.

  • Njoki Murira, Dancer    -2m

Maureen Njoki Murira was born in December 24, 2000, is a Kenyan content Tiktoker, creator, and Youtuber from Kenya. Murira is endowed with a figure which she flaunts on her videos leaving most of her followers’ tongues wagging.

  • Onlylitboy, Comedian – 2m

He has been able to maintain the number of his followers. Onlylitboy is famously known for his videos where he screams lyrics of popular songs to random strangers.

  • Just Totally Random, Comedian – 1.4m

She does fun skits on her videos, engaging her huge fan base. Just totally random is based in USA.

  • Rahmoroose   – 1.3m

She is a content creator and aslo has a youtube channel where she posts and shares her videos with her followers.

  1. Flaqo, Comedian -1.2m

Flaqo is known for his comic videos and skits; Flaqo has been able to attract brands due to his influence on tiktok. He also has a youtube channel.

  1. Ajib Gathoni, Dancer  – 1m

Ajib is a dancer due to her influence she was nominated on pulse influencer in 2022 as the best dancer. she has also been able to attract and work with different brands due to her influence.

  1. Swiry Nyarkano, African Story Teller – 1m

Her influence and content is basically spirituality, African heritage and African history. Swiry has been featured in Guinness black shiny stories. She has international followers.

  1. Mr Mbilimbili            -932.2k

He is an actor and a content creator. Mr Mbilimbili has been able to maintain his following

  1. Flirtycarlos     -837.9k

He is a content creator and an Award winning male dancer, FlirtyCarlos also has a youtube channel.

  1. Official Kinuthia -783.5k

He is a content creator and a cross dresser. Kinuthia has a great taste of fashion when it comes to female dressing, he also have a love for makeup and knows the kind of wigs that fits well with his face.

  1. Martina Glez -779.7k

She is a Spanish dancer and social media influencer married to a Kenyan Tileh Pacbro. She has been able to make her name popular in both Spain and Kenya because of her prowess skills in dancing together with her husband.

  1. Dance General -743.2k

He is a dancer/choreographer, brand promoter and a tutor.

  1. Crazy Kennar-718k

      Kennar started his skit/acting while still in campus; he has been able to attract huge following with his creative comic videos.

  1. Alma Mutheu -621.8k

She started with lip sinking video which made her famous. She has revealed earning millions from her viral videos.

  •  Mukenya Vibes -557.9k

       He is known for his lip sinking and dancing videos, Mukenya also has YouTube channel which he uses to share his content.