Eve Mungai YouTube earnings 2023


In 2022 Eve Mungai’s YouTube earnings was Ksh 1.5 million per month but over time her income has increase,this year,2023 she makes Ksh 2.5 million monthly from YouTube. The YouTuber is the most influential content creator in Kenya.

Eve Mungai’s YouTube channel attracts 500,000 visitors per day, translating to income of Ksh 80,000 daily. Her channel get 15 million to 30 million visitors per month which earns her Ksh 2 million to Ksh 3 million monthly.

Eve shares her revenue with the Boyfriend Trevor.The content creator is saving to buy a brand new Lexus by the end of this years.

Eve posts at last 2 videos per day and each video gets at least 20,000 views. Most of the views are obtained from old videos.

Her YouTube channel, Eve Mungai has a total of 684,000 subscribers and the number continues to grow.

Eve not only earns from YouTube, she is also an influencer, she is paid to advertise products on Facebook and YouTube. If you combine the money she earns from YouTube and other sources, you’ll get that she makes more than Ksh 3 million monthly.