Best Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya


There are many companies offering bulk SMS services but not all of them are good, some have hidden charges. Bulk SMS services are like web hosting services, once you join,it takes time before you leave. It’s therefore important to do your own survey first before settling on a company. Below we have selected the top best bulk SMS providers in Kenya. Pick one from the list and buy their services.

  1. Advanta Africa Limited

Advanta Africa limited does not have hidden charges. They charge Ksh25,000 set up fee and a monthly rental fee of Ksh5,000 and above.Advanta is suitable for corporates.

Below are the charges for bulk SMS


Decidate shortcode cost implication Cost Exclusive VAT

One off set up fee Kes 25,000

Monthly Rental Fee Kes. 15,000

Shared Shortcode Cost Implication

One Off set up fee Kes. 15,000

Monthly Rental Fee Kes. 5,000

Dedicate USSD Cost Implication

One Off set up Fee Kes 150,000

Monthly Rental fee (Negotiable)

Renewal Testbed Fee Kes. 15,000

Shared USSD Cost Implication

One Off Set Up Fee Kes 20,000

Monthly Rental Fee Kes. 15,000

Sms Branding

One off sms branding Kes. 10,000 per network. Price slightly negotiable. Our bulk sms graduated rates available on request.

  1. Oramobile

Another reliable bulk SMS provider is Oramobile.The company serves big clients like Engineers Board of Kenya,Tai Sacco,Ushuru Sacco and Kenya National Commission on Human rights.

Requirements for bulk SMS srvices

Bulk SMS only requires a Sender ID registration (takes 3-5 days), setup (free) and credits (purchse later).

  1. Authorization letter
    • They will share a template. put on your company letterhead, indicate the Alphanumeric name you want, (11 characters and below) sign, rubber stamp, scan and send back

Official company/organization details

    • They will need your name, email, phone number and company name for the account set up. You can always create as many users.

Registration fee

    • Sender ID is charged for each network you register for.

Free dashboard, training and support

They charge as little as Ksh0.40 per sMS.

  1. CELCOM Africa

Celcom Africa is among the best bulk SMS providers for small businesses and individuals in Kenya. I have used the company’s services and I have never been disappointed. Their SMS cost as little as Ksh 0.35 per SMS.

Below are the prices for SMS

Bulk SMS Bundles Price(KES)
500 – 4,999 bulk SMS messages 0.7


5,000 – 19,999 bulk SMS messages 0.6
20,000 – 99,999 bulk SMS messages 0.5
100,000 – 399,999 bulk SMS messages 0.45
400,000 and above 0.35

Safaricom Sender ID (KES 7000.00)

Airtel Sender ID (KES 7000.00)

Telkom Sender ID (KES 5000.00)

From above figures it’s clear the more SMS you buy the cheaper the cost.


Savvy SMS is the cheapest company in Kenya. Their SMS cost as little as Ksh 0.20 per SMS.The minimum number of SMS you can buy are 1,667

Below is the cost of buying SMS from Suvvy SMS:

Bulk SMS Bundles Cost
1,667 – 100,000 bulk SMS messages @KES 0.30
100,001 – 500,000 bulk SMS messages @KES 0.25
500,001+ bulk SMS messages @KES 0.20
  1. Robisearch limited

Robisearch can send more than 1 million SMS per day. Their SMS cost as little as Ksh 0.8 per SMS.If you buy 100-500 SMS, they will charge you Ksh1. If you buy 5000 SMS and above, you pay Ksh 0.8 per SMS.

  1. SMS Leopard

SMS Leopard is among top 3 best bulk SMS companies in Kenya. I will highly recommend this company because it has the best reviews. The company’s bulk SMS prices are as follows:

0-10,000 SMS—Ksh 0.8 per SMS

50,001-100,000 SMS—Ksh 0.7 per SMS

100,001-200,000 SMS—Ksh 0.5 per SMS

500,001-999,999 SMS—Ksh 0.4 per SMS

1M SMS and above—Ksh 0.3 per SMS.

SMS Leopard serves clients in several African countries.

  1. Movetech SMS

Movetech SMS is also a very reliable SMS provider. They charge set up fee of Ksh 5,000.Every month, they charge Ksh5, 000 for short code in shared environment and Ksh20, 000 in a dedicated environment.

Move SMS has 4 types of plans, they include:

Base(SMS 20,000 – 100,000)—Ksh 0.65 per SMS

Economy(Price for SMS below 500,000)—Ksh 0.40 per SMS

Standard(Price for SMS below 1,000,000)—Ksh 0.3 per SMS

Premium(Price for SMS below 5,000,000)—Ksh 0.2 per SMS

  1. WebSMS

You can also try WebSMS especially if you want to send high volumes of SMS.They charge as low as Ksh 0.30 per SMS.

Below are the prices for Bulk SMS at WebSMS:

Bulk SMS Prices

Bulk SMS (to any network) – Kshs 0.30 per sms (No minimum sms Volume or expiry date)
Sender ID Registration – Safaricom & Airtel —— Kshs 5,999/- each  – (One time registration fee – Max Of 11 Alpha-Numeric)
Sender ID Registration -Telkom —— Kshs 3,999/-/-  (One time registration fee – Max Of 11 Alpha-Numeric)

USSD Prices

Dedicated USSD Prices

Initial Setup Fee ——————– Kshs 156,000 (One Off fee)
1 Month Deposit ——————- Kshs 68,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee  — Kshs 68,000
Testbed ———————————– Kshs 35,000

Shared USSD Prices

Initial Setup Fee ——————– Kshs 35,000 (One Off fee)
1 Month Deposit ——————- Kshs 15,000
Monthly Maintenance Fee  — Kshs 15,000

Short Code Prices

Dedicated Short Code Prices

Initial Setup Fee ——————– Kshs 25,400 (One Off fee)
1 Month Deposit ——————- Kshs 25,400
Monthly Maintenance Fee  — Kshs 25,400

Shared Short Code

Initial Setup Fee ——————– Ksh 15,800 (One off Fee)
1 Month Deposit ——————- Kshs 15,800
Monthly Maintenance Fee  — Kshs 15,800

  1. Stratech Office Systems

Stratech Office Systems is located in Lovingtone.It’s one of the most reliable companies offering bulk SMS services.

Bulk SMS System features

  • User friendly
  • Sending long messages (+160 characters)
  • Rapid and reliable delivery
  • Personalizing messages to recipients e.g Dear Suzanne, Thank for contacting us….
  • Scheduling messages for future delivery
  • Delivery Reports
  • Full reporting and feedback

They charge as low as Ksh 0.3 per SMS.

  1. Africa’s Talking

Africa’s Talking has branches across Africa. It’s one company that offers bulk SMS solutions to corporates and individuals who can send millions of SMS per day.

Below is the pricing for Bulk SMS :

Basic Plan
KES 0 – 19,999
Plus Plan
KES 20,000 – 99,999
Premium Plan
KES 100,000 – 399,999
Max Plan
KES 400,000+
Safaricom KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6 KES 0.4
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic) KES 0.8 KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6
Airtel Kenya (International Traffic)* USD 0.056
Other Kenyan Telcos KES 0.8 KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6