List of Best Special Needs Schools in Mombasa


Here is a full list of special needs schools in Mombasa:

  • Tom Mboya School for Children with Cerebral Palsy

This school has two categories that is the primary and the elementary school. Mombasa is a home to the Tom Mboya School for children with cerebral palsy. This school engages in activities related to primary and elementary schools, different types of education, health and medical care and education.

  • Hope Family Special Talent and Therapy Centre

This is a community-based non-profit organization that was established in 2011 to support children with exceptional needs. Six individuals got together in 2009 after visiting various institutions in other cities. A separate institution was therefore required in the Likoni region. One of the impoverished suburbs of Mombasa is Likoni. As a result, people with disabilities, particularly youngsters, confront enormous problems particularly in the education sector. They take care of children with autism, hearing impairment, learning difficulties, Mobility/motor difficulties and speech defects, they also provide vocational training.

  • Pwani School for Mentally Challenged

This school caters for children who have mental challenge. It is an ordinary public educational institute situated in Ziwa la Ngómbe in Nyali. They offer different skills and education to the children. This school has been previously funded by Safaricom and other well-wishers and the government.

  • Port Reitz Special School for Physically Handicapped

This is a public elementary school that combines a day school for children from nearby areas who are not physically handicapped with a residential school for children with disabilities. Like every other public primary school in Kenya the school adheres to the curriculum offered by the government. It provides physiotherapy and rehabilitation services as well as ‘’special class’’ where daily living activities are taught to numerous handicapped children.

  • Mombasa Secondary School for the Physically Handicapped

This school was established in 1983 and was inaugurated by the then Hon. Mwai Emillio Kibaki in 1985. It is a public secondary school for boys who are physically handicapped. Students with physical disability are included in integrated schools. These conditions include, among others, sickle cell anaemia, heart issues, asthma, epilepsy, HIV AIDs, hard of hearing and low vision. Students with exceptional needs are admitted to the institution from all across the nation.

  • Autism School (under Sapling Foundation) Mombasa

This special needs school and therapy facility are maintained by the non-profit Sapling Trust Foundation in Nyali, Mombasa, right off-Links Road. The centre is a comprehensive institution that houses a variety of holistic services for kids with exceptional needs. The individualized education programme, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nutritional counselling, speech therapy, braille, sensory integration therapy, hydrotherapy, music, vocational training, counselling for children and families, parental support group sessions and a host of other services are all available at this one-stop facility.

  • Serani Special School

It is a school sponsored by the government situated in Mombasa, Ksauni constituency.

  • Likoni School for the Blind

This school situated in Likoni has been able to educate students who don’t have the same possibilities as others thanks to Agha Khan Foundation and the Salvation Army International.

  • Ziwani School for the Deaf

This is a primary school run and sponsored by the government. It is situated in Changamwe coastal region of Kenya.

  • Hoface International Autism School

This school advocates for the complete acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorders. They offer educational programs and resources to help people with autism spectrum disorder, their families, Carer’s, therapists, educators in order to enrich and improve their living skills.