Best Special needs schools in Nairobi


Here is a list of best special needs schools in Nairobi

  1. St Geralds centre for children with autism

The day and boarding facility St Gerald’s Centre, which is situated in Tigoni, Limuru, in Kiambu County, provides therapies for kids with autism spectrum disorder. This facility accepts kids between the ages of 3 and 16, and it offers multidisciplinary education programmes that are specifically designed to match the needs of each child. Dietary intervention, according to St Gerald’s founder Angela Githieki, is a crucial part of the treatment of autism.

  1. Kenya community centre for learning

In Nairobi County, behind Thika Road Mall, lies the non-profit community school known as KCCL. This institution accommodates students from various ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds who have a variety of learning issues and are between the ages of 6 and 21. By providing a setting that encourages the exploration and development of academic and personal potential, KCCL seeks to serve as a leading centre for learning and empowerment for people with special needs.

  1. Nile road special school

One of the top special schools in Nairobi and Kenya is Nile Road Special School. Children with physical and mental impairments are treated at this special school with the goal of restoring their independence and decent quality of life. Occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and other interventions are used at this school. In Eastlands, Nairobi County, Nile Road Special School is situated on Nile Road off of Jogoo road.


In Ngewa Location, Githunguri, Kiambu County, there is a mixed-boarding elementary school called PCEA Kambui School for the Deaf. In order to assist children with physical disabilities in the community, the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) first established this public school in 1963. Students at this school follow the 8-4-4 educational model.

  1. Port reitz special school

Miss Margaret Bridgewater founded this institution, one of the top special schools in Nairobi and Kenya, in 1965. In Changamwe, Mombasa County, Port Reitz Special School is a public primary school that combines a day school for typically developing neighbourhood kids with a residential school for kids with physical disabilities. This school offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation to persons who are physically challenged while adhering to the 844 elementary school curriculum.

  1. Treesside special school

A mixed-boarding school called Treeside serves students with intellectual and learning difficulties. In 1991, this institution relocated to its current site in Nairobi County’s Kasarani. Students at Treeside might be aged seven to forty-two. The teaching, training, and rehabilitation services offered to students at this university who have intellectual disabilities are beneficial.

  1. Thika high school for  the blind

The Salvation Army established Thika High School for the Blind in 1967 to serve children with visual impairments who had finished primary school. Since it became a public school in 1971, this institution has worked to provide its visually impaired students with knowledge, skills, and aptitude using the most up-to-date technologies. A mixed full-boarding school, Thika High School for the Blind enrols students from blind elementary schools from all over Kenya and its neighbours. It is situated in Thika Town, Kiambu County.

  1. Jacaranda special school

Children with intellectual disabilities are accepted in the Jacaranda Special School in Kilimani, Nairobi County, from all across the nation. Initiated in 1946, this facility is a government-funded one. It admits pupils with cerebral palsy, autism, and Down syndrome.

  1. Joytown schools for physically impaired

The Salvation Army founded Joytown Primary and Secondary Schools for the Physically Handicapped; these institutions have now been transformed into government institutions. However, The Salvation Army still takes an active part in the area of spiritual nourishing. 300 youngsters attend Joytown Primary School, while 200 attend Joytown Secondary. Since it was founded to serve the requirements of primary school graduates with physical disabilities, Joytown Secondary School has evolved into an inclusive organisation. The Joytown Schools are situated in Kiambu County’s Thika town.

  1. Kenya institute of special education (KISE)

The Kenya Institute of Special Education offers top-notch special education training as well as educational resources and disability-related assistive technology. This facility offers evaluations for conditions like autism, hearing loss, vision impairment, learning disabilities, etc. In Nairobi County’s Kasarani, KISE also operates an inclusive preschool where kids with special needs are integrated.

  1. Fairmile School

From birth to the age of 25yrs, fairmile provides its services for people with developmental and learning disabilities. They also cater their services using both center-based and home –based model. Fairmile include a digital component to their services which is effective for the consumers who are stationed outside of Nairobi. It also promotes communication for kids who have never been able do so naturally.

  1. The Grangeville School

This schools assists children with special needs (autism) to master the different skills in life in order to take care of themselves.

  1. Kenya institute for the Blind

This is a learning centre for children with visual impairment in Kenya. It is situated in Nairobi West Mahi-Mahiu road.

  1. Heshima Children’s Centre

They not only provide special education but also medical intervention where necessary as well as the OT, PT, speech, Sign language and horse riding too. It is situated in Karen.

  1. Kenya Community Centre for Learning

This school services include; elementary, middle and high school education for the children who have special needs. It is situated in Roysambu.