List of international schools in Eldoret


Below is the full list of international schools in Eldoret

  • The Aga Khan Nursery School Eldoret; the beginning of early education in the 1950s marked the beginning of the history of Aga Khan Nursery School. Children as young as two are allowed to enroll in the school. The kids sign up for a playgroup class where they mostly pick up knowledge through play. Admissions do not involve any formal interviews with students. The school adheres to the common plan of work for East Africa Aga Khan schools, which aims to give children comprehensive growth so they can meet obstacles and carry out their tasks and responsibilities to the best of their ability.

Contact; +254 436 340 101

  • Gulab Lochab Academy; Modern international school Gulab Lochab offers an excellent education at a reasonable price. Since its founding in 1994, the school has developed into one of Kenya’s top universities. The school is proud of its superb, state-of-the-art learning facilities, highly skilled faculty, and support staff, all of whom help the school fulfill its vision and objectives. There are primary and secondary sections at the institution.

Contact; +254 053 2032526

  • Nova Pioneer; is the newest kid on the block. It began operations in January 2020 with the first group of Form 1 students. The school, currently in its fourth year of existence, has Forms 1 through 4, and Grade 7-Junior Secondary School programs have just begun in both the boys’ and girls’ boarding facilities.

Contact; +254 711082 500

  • Harton Range; One of the schools that offers the British Cambridge curriculum from Year One to Year Nine is Harton Range Academy on the Old Nairobi Road in Eldoret. Farmhouses once stood where the school is now. The school’s creator, Dr. Miten Lodhia, claims to have identified a significant market gap. “I distinctly recall my struggles in finding my son an excellent school. I could have sent him to Nairobi or elsewhere, but I chose to open a school instead. Then, my parents began to put a lot of pressure on me to gradually increase it,” he claims. The institution started classes in September 2019.52 students were enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 4 when it was opened, however today it’s popular.

Contact; +254 758 800 800

  • Etham International School; another prestigious institution that occupies three acres in upper Elgon View. It provides the British IGCSE Pearson/ Edexcel International curriculum and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE). The school now has 130 students. A 23-person group of doctors working in various Eldoret hospitals created the institute.

Contact; +254 796 809 419

  • Greenvale School Eldoret; it is situated on Old Nairobi Road, close to Elgon View’s neighbourhoods. According to Norah Ferej, the school’s director, it was established in 2006 as a result of a survey that revealed a need as parents looked for institutions that provided high-quality education.

Contact; +254 725 999 580

  • SOS Children’s Village Eldoret; it is another international school in Eldoret is SOS Children’s Village School. Children from the area who are unable to live with their parents are accepted by SOS. Up to 120 kids can live in a loving environment with the help of 15 SOS families. The SOS mother tenderly looks after the children as they share a home with their brothers and sisters. Along with children from the neighborhood, the kids attend the SOS Kindergarten. As a result, kids from SOS families are given the opportunity to socialize early on and become a part of the neighborhood. The SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Eldoret is where the kids finish their basic and secondary education after that.
  • Bridge International Academy; Bridge collaborates with governments, communities, teachers, and families to provide underprivileged families and children with excellent schools and high-quality, affordable education. The organization serves more than 100,000 students in more than 520 nursery and primary schools throughout Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, and India because it believes every child has the right to a great education. Targeting kids from low-income backgrounds, Bridge International Academy operates multiple branches in Eldoret and the surrounding area.