List of International Schools in Nakuru


Below is the full list of international schools in Nakuru

  • Pembroke House School; Pembroke House School is a boarding school for boys and girls aged 6 to 13 that follows the British Common Entrance Curriculum. Located just outside Gilgil, Kenya, 2.5 hours north of Nairobi. With cutting-edge facilities, sports fields, and locations for the kids to play, the school has 120 acres of space. The school has 177 students, evenly divided between boys and girls. Over fifty of these are from nations in Africa.

Contact; +254204015477

  • Greensteds International School; the goal of this elite institution is to fully unleash the creativity and potential of its students. Greensteds provides a luxurious boarding experience with first-rate security. The academy also offers its students opportunity to study abroad. The Greensteds School, which is situated along the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway, encourages natural talent in co-curricular activities and sports.

Contact; +254 726-568583

                +254 770-076271

  • Andrew Turi; it is on a 300-acre campus for a British international school in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Following the national curriculum of England and Wales, St. Andrews Turi School offers an exceptional all-around education to students aged 3 to 18 years.

St. Andrews Turi, which is situated in one of Kenya’s most picturesque regions, provides a special learning atmosphere that inspires each student to reach their best potential. A rich and interesting educational experience is provided by the school’s highly skilled and experienced teaching team, which is further complemented by the broad extracurricular program it offers.

The student body of St. Andrews Turi is varied, with students representing more than 50 different nationalities. Additionally, due to its special position, we are able to provide our students with a variety of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.

Contacts; +254 (0)722 209750 or

                  +254 (0)20 2025709

  • Mustard Seed International Schools; Mustard Seed is a settlement of both local and foreign students located along the Nakuru-Eldoret Road. Because of the school’s focus on the Cambridge International Education System, pupils can easily pick up both academic and extracurricular information.

Contact; +254 721 300 121

  • Kipepeo School; in Nakuru, Kenya, there is a global Montessori school called Kipepeo. They offer a warm, friendly, supporting, loving, stimulating, and secure environment as a small, happy family school where kids enjoy equal opportunity to develop and learn in a method and speed appropriate to them as people. For their Early Years Program, they accept children ages 2 to 5; for their Junior School, they accept children ages 5 to 12. We provide daycare facilities for infants ages one to two.

Contact; 0740 000 111 / 333

  • Melvin Jones lions Academy; each year, Melvin Jones’ performance improves more and more. The academy provides a British educational system. The kids have access to a cutting-edge library, lab facilities, and a variety of sporting goods, enabling them to engage in all facets of life.

Contact; +254 746-258-132

                +254 777-200-190

  • Shah Laji; which is a few meters from the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway, works to develop and train its students to be responsible, disciplined, and self-reliant. nThe school not only offers top-notch academics but also after-school groups including journalism, debate, theater, and wildlife.