International schools in Kenya that offer the British Curriculum


Below is the list of international schools in Kenya teaching British curriculum:

  • St Mary’s School Nairobi; this is one of the prestigious international schools in Kenya using the British Curriculum to teach their students. It is owned by the Catholic Church hence private. They are popularly recognized for producing and nurturing students through their various areas lie academics, spirituality and also their physicality, this happens through sports, exercises etc. This school is also known to encourage its students to do better and become all rounded in whatever they participate in, this is because it is possible! Part of their entertainment which is also part of learning includes playing different kinds of instruments that a student is interested in, drama just to mention a few, all these explain why the school has been able to produce great students over the years.
  • Banda School; this school main branch is in the United Kingdom hence the obvious reason they use the British Curriculum. The school is spacious enough to accommodate all the admitted students in their facility. It was initially started back in the 1996, and it has grown to be among the best international schools in Kenya. They have teachers who are equipped to manage and assist the students in their academics, sports and other subjects. The Banda School also ensures a balance is struck in investigation, project works and wider knowledge especially in reading beyond what the curriculum is offering.
  • Viraj International Academy; this school is among those that offer the Cambridge assessment international education. This curriculum is one the best and used internationally. Viraj Academy admits children from the ages of five and above. Any student with an A level qualification is qualified to enroll to some of the leading universities in the UK, US, Australia, Germany just to mention a few. Over the years, Viraj Academy has enhanced and added to its co-curricular activities which include; Ballet, Taekwondo, Modern dance and music, swimming etc. the list is long. They have competent staff who pay attention and assist the learners to bring out their best and become what they were born to be.
  • Durham International School Kenya; this is another institution that follows the British Curriculum. It is a modern school with the British roots, the school has branches in different countries all over the world. It is located in Thigiri Hilltop in Nairobi. Moreover, apart from their experienced teaching staff and workers who enable the students to achieve their best in academics and other co-curricular activities, the school is known to keep up with the latest technology. This has fundamentally made the education and other areas of study easier.
  • Potterhouse School; this school is situated in Runda Nairobi. It offers the British international curriculum to children between the ages of two to sixteen. Potterhouse has been able to attract multiple nationalities from all over the world. It is among the highly profiled international schools in Kenya offering the best in both academics and extra-curricular activities.
  • Rusinga School; they use the British National Curriculum to teach their students. Rusinga School has a Christian foundation having been established in 1975 by one Dr. Jacob Mwangi. The school uses a holistic approach which brings together the students, parents and teachers, to equip the learner with all they need. This is one of the best schools have stood the test of times and still in existence today.
  • Kenton College Preparatory School; it uses the National curriculum for England otherwise known as the English National curriculum. The school environment provides the learner with a palatable ambience to focus and achieve their goals. The school is also known to perform well over the years. The school is situated in Kileleshwa a few kilometres from Nairobi City.
  • Crawford International School; this school encourages its students to think outside the box and become innovative by using the British curriculum. Crawford is situated within the new Tatu city. The school has teachers who are equipped and available in taking the learners throughout their academic journey closely. The maximum number limit allowed per class is twenty five. The school also gives a discount to the parents who choose to pay the school fees annually compared to termly. The school ensures the learner gets all they need to become who they were created to be.
  • Riara International School; they provide the Cambridge International Curriculum to their students. The school has its roots grounded, since it was established back in 1976 and it is famously known in Kenya to provide quality education. Not only do they equip the student to become the best they can be in education but also in their gifts and discipline.
  • Braeburn Garden Estate School; an accredited institution using the British Curriculum in their education to produce the best students and human beings in the society. The school has a spacious environment enough to accommodate the student’s extra-curricular activities. It also boasts of admitting students from diverse backgrounds i.e. eighty nationalities from across the world.
  • Woodcreek School; this school is founded on Christian faith and it offers a wide range of subjects and other beneficial activities to the learners. The institution accommodates the learner from kindergarten to high school using the British Curriculum education. The school is also known for having a multicultural environment hence not only admits Christians but individuals from other religions are also welcomed.
  • Zuwena International School; this is a Christian institution of high quality that includes Montesorri, 8-4-4 and British curriculum. They have an environment that is conducive and peaceful for learning, extra-curricular activities. Their infrastructure is also on point with resources invested that ensure the student lacks nothing.
  • Oshwal Academy Nairobi; the school offers the Cambridge Curriculum for Sciences, mathematics and English subjects. Their education is broad besides the three mentioned subjects. The school also offers a boarding facility for children and parents who prefer it, moreover there are resources enough to facilitate the art & design, sports and exercises, entrepreneurship and enterprise etc. they advance and keep up with the seasons accordingly.
  • Braeside School; this school enrolls children from age three to eighteen years. They use the National Curriculum of England in their teaching. The school employs the best teachers who have the necessary skills and knowledge to bring the best out of students. The school has students from many different cultures, backgrounds and religions hence it does not discriminate when it comes to admissions, as long as there is a space.
  • Brookside School; this is one of the most expensive internationals we have in Kenya. It offers both the day and boarding facilities and when it comes to learning they use the IGSE (British Curriculum). The school started back in 1981 by Piyush Mehta and has been running since then. Back in 2021 Brookside was the first international school known to have implement the Finish ECED model in Kenya. This school is famously known around the country as the best international school one can take their children to.
  • Brookhurst International School; it is located in Kiserian twenty kilometres away from Nairobi city. The school promotes the British Curriculum by using it on their students and it also encourages diversity because of the many students it has admitted from different nationalities. It provides both the day and boarding options with the best learning experience from their professional teaching staff. Furthermore, the school won the World Scholars Cup back in 2022.
  • Cavina School; based on the history of Kenya international schools, Cavina is the second ancient international school in Kenya. The maximum class sizes for the students is twenty five. Apart from academics they engage their students in the extra-curricular activities. The age of the children eligible for admission range from three to thirteen years.
  • Austin’s Academy; they use the British National Curriculum. The school provides a safe learning environment and all the required resources for their students to thrive in both academics and gifts/talents.
  • The Aga Khan Academy; they admit children from the ages of five to eleven years old. They also use the British curriculum to teach their students, with able teachers who are professionals in all the subjects offered, including the extra curricula activities. This school is also one of the popular international schools in Kenya.
  • Millennium Global School; this private school offers the Edexcel British Curriculum for both the high school and the primary school. The school is mixed both and girls from different cultures.
  • Light International School; the school is divided in sections of kindergarten, primary and secondary and A levels. They use the British Curriculum in their studies. The school also offers both day and boarding facilities depending with their customer’s preferences.
  • Emerald International School; this school provides both the accelerated Christian education (ACE) and the British curriculum. With the support from the professional equipped teachers and environment that supports learning, children who attend this school strive all round.
  • Nairobi International School ; a classy world class institution known to offer to their students the British Curriculum. It is situated in Lavington with students from diverse backgrounds. Their facilities are top notch and they also keep up with the technological world.
  • Peponi School; the school is well equipped in terms of the resources required by the students and teachers. It also has the best facilities they could give for their learner’s peace of mind. The school is known to use the British Curriculum. They admit children from the age of eleven to eighteen years old.
  • Peponi House; this school boasts of its diverse culture and students from all over the world. They use the British Curriculum to teach and expand their students minds to be and do better in the now and future.
  • Nairobi Jaffery Academy; it is on the list of international schools that are using the Cambridge curriculum to provide education to their students. It offers day schooling services while admitting children from kindergarten to the A level phase.


Other schools that offer the British Curriculum include

  • Herald International School;
  • SABIS International School
  • The Nairobi Academy
  • Hillcrest International School
  • Premier Academy
  • GEMS Cambridge International School
  • Greensteds International School
  • Kenton College