List of international schools in Egypt


Egypt as a nation is famous for many different things, from the popular ancient pyramids that attract tourists from all over the world every year to their best agricultural and architectural developments and many other things. Egypt also has a good number of international schools which are well equipped, offering the best education in the world;

  1. British International College of Cairo (BICC); this school was founded and established in 2016 in New Cairo. This school provides its educational services to over one thousand and fifty students according to its capacity. It also has modern facilities and equipment to meet all the needs that the students require to become the best in academics and sports and to overall fulfil their potential. The school admits children from nursery, upper school, and prepares Y10 to Y12 for IGCSE.
  2. Maadi British International School; it is situated in the fourth district, Zahraa Al Maadi in Cairo Egypt. The school was founded back in the year 1995 and has been able to establish strong roots by not only giving the best global education but by having the best professional teachers and staff who have been able to consistently offer their services throughout the years enabling the students to have an all rounded view of academics, sports, entertainment and the world. The school uses the British curriculum and ensures that every child becomes a success in the future.
  3. Global Paradigm Schools; this is a collection of international schools established in 2009 owned and maintained by El Rabwa Group. They provide the American, IB and the British programs from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve. They admit children from all nationalities and help them nurture their gifts/talents and perform well in academics. The school was officially accredited back in June, 2012, it is located New Cairo. The school has a plan to expand and increase their facilities in the future, i.e. 205/2026.
  4. Beverly Hills; it was founded and established in 2023, and they use the National curriculum of the Ministry of Education. This schools has a wide range of facilities for sports, theatre, education and so much more with enough space/environment for conducive learning of all the international students who are from different backgrounds and cultures/religions when they are admitted here. They take children from grade K – 12. Moreover, they also have emergency medical treatment and first – aid readily available for every sick student. They assist the students to nurture and discover who they are in the various fields that the school offers.
  5. Al Afak Al Gadeda International School (ACIC); this is an Islamic, American school independent international school providing the American Diploma to learners from different backgrounds regardless of their religion. They nurture the spiritual, physical, academic and personal growth to the learners admitted in the school. They also ensure learners are creative when it comes to technology, science and other practical subjects e.g. art & craft which requires and involves a learner to explore widely.
  6. American International School in Egypt; this school has been there since 1990, long enough to establish strong roots in the education sector. It is situated in the city of Cairo and it has also been among the best leading schools in Egypt. The school main mission is to offer the students from middle-east and greater Cairo area with the exciting and challenging American and International college Preparatory learning (uses American Curriculum).

They have worked to provide the school with the best facilities and professional teachers and they have also endured that the school is accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and schools in Philadelphia, AIS renowned by the Egypt’s Ministry of Education, moreover, their international Baccalaureate Diploma program is recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in Geneva Switzerland.

  1. Cairo British School; one of the best successful British International offering top notch education to learners from pre-school year twelve. The school teachers and other staff involved in the learner’s well-being encourages positive learning by attending to students needs accordingly. The school uses British Curriculum having been established in 2005.
  2. British Columbia Canadian International School; it was established back in 2005, situated in Cairo Egypt’s capital city. The school started with only 27 learners, but after years in the education sector the school has expanded and it now has 800 students. The school also uses the British and Canadian Curriculum from KG2 to grade 12. Like any other international school, they have extra-curricular activities and enough space and facilities to nurture talents and high quality education to the available students.
  3. Canadian International School of Egypt;
  4. Royal Canadian School; the school provides a variety of curriculum programs offered to students i.e. the international early years curriculum, the international primary curriculum and the international middle years curriculum. The school has employed the best staff in the industry that is teachers, cooks, coaches on the field etc. the curriculums employed by this school ensures the students admitted get to be the best they can be in the various fields of studies. The school is also known to be among the top ten best in their reputation of excellent performance in various departments.
  5. BBC international School; they provide a world class conducive environment and work closely with both parents and students to bring out the best out of their students. They also give their students a platform to learn in a diverse system i.e. the Canadian Ontario curriculum with other wide range of activities.
  6. Dover American International School; the school has put the qualified skilled people in various departments to ensures learners get the best there is in the school and outside. They encourage critical thinking, curiosity and striving for better in everything not only in academics but in art and sports etc. they use the common core state standards, Virginia state standards and the Egyptian ministry of education curricula in Arabic studies.
  7. Modern English School, Cairo; the schools employs the British Curricula meeting all the British Schools in overseas standards. They nurture the students in academics, sports, art, and entertainment to have confidence and become creative. They also admit students from all nationalities regardless of religion. They also have a spacious environment to carry all the necessary activities with the students.
  8. IVY STEM International School; this school provides learners with the professional Certifications various areas e.g. software, technical drawing, graphic design etc. the school deals with engineering, sciences, technology etc. it has also been part of the economic growth of Egypt as a country.
  9. Kent College West Cairo; the school allows the students to have the best experiences. It is also known to offer the British curricula, situated in October City. Furthermore it carries a capacity of 1500 learners. It boasts of its best performances which has made it rank among the top schools in Egypt.
  10. Metropolitan School; it was established over six decades ago as a private institution. The school has had a tremendous breakthrough in the education sector over the past years. Metropolitan school provides a global quality education using the American Curriculum.
  11. Malvern College Egypt; it is the first ever British international School to be established in Cairo. The school has a partnership and works closely with the British independent school. The school admits students from the nursery school category to form six.
  12. Nefertari American International School (NAIS); they started admitting learners in the year 1994 and now the school has greatly expanded and increased in its admission currently at 880. They are known to provide best education and they also thrive in other activities, when it comes to their staff they have quality and the right quantity to serve the learners.
  13. Nefertari British International School; it was founded 27years ago. The school provides the students with quality education that prepares them to be problem solvers and critical thinkers in various fields. They offer secure, favorable environment for a learner to concentrate and produce the right results. The school also has programs that covers the all-round subjects that students need for future.
  14. New Horizon International School; it was established over a three decades ago and has been active ever since. The school has diverse multi-national culture that contributes to the development of the learner and how he/she looks at the world today.
  15. Europa – Schule Kairo; this school is linked to German roots, and is also known by the German school overseas. It ensures the learners meet the high quality German credentials which allows the learners later to join German universities. The school takes students from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds.
  16. Grand language school; the school admits children from KGI – grade 12. The school is unique when it comes to executing their visions and creating an excellence academic opportunities for their learners. Learners are taken care of with their teachers and the staff at large.
  17. Heritage international School; it provides the Canadian education services and programs. Canadian curriculum is one of best in the whole world. The school has produced graduates who have become problem solvers and leaders in various fields. They value and take care of their learners.
  18. Infinite International School; they have supportive teachers and a great extended staff that helps in bringing out the best from the students. Students are well taken care of in order to concentrate in every field. Part of the programs they provide include; martial arts, ballet, sports etc.
  19. Integrated Modern School; it was established in the year 2012 and situated in Cairo. They have the modern facilities, the school is also half international providing an all-inclusive yet excellent results.
  20. Menese International Schools; it is popularly known for its kind, hospitable environment. The students are thoroughly taught in all areas of the learner’s life i.e. physically, emotionally, morally, and academically.
  21. Modern School of Egypt 2000; it was established in 2000, the facilities have the modern designs with spacious doors, windows, bathrooms and rooms. They also have enough fields for extracurricular activities with dependable skilled teachers over all.
  22. New Ramses College; it is founded by the evangelical church in Egypt, the school has the right trainers for the students education with the right resources in place ready to help all admitted students to meet their goals and reach their destinations.
  23. Notion International School; this school was established in 2015, it is situated in Giza, Egypt. They work with both the staff, parents and students to produce exceptional results that keeps the name of the school on the map. It uses the British Curriculum.
  24. Nozha Language School; established back in 1984, situated in Heliopolis, Hegaz square in Egypt. They offer a comprehensive learning program which has been used over the years. The school has all the facilities and resources to lead the student to success.
  25. Pakistan International School; established and founded in 1982, situated in Cairo, Egypt. The school is operated under the Auspices of Pakistan ambassador to Egypt. It provides the Cambridge primary, IGCSE, Secondary, AS, A levels and Edexcel to all learners. On top of that, the school has the modern facilities that provide and creates an environment for the learner to create the future they want.
  26. Pioneers International School; it was established back in 2001, located in Alexandria, Egypt. They provide academic and outdoor activities, and spacious rooms conducive for the learner’s concentration.
  27. Riada American School; it was established back in 2005, situated in Alexandria, Egypt. It is a leading learning institutions with unique architecture design. The school adheres to the American curriculum and it also gives the American high school diploma.
  28. Sakkara Language School; established and founded in 1994, located in Cairo, Egypt, Zahraa Al Maadi, block 3. The school challenges the students to become their best self and achievers by providing for them a positive environment with enough resources for their learning.
  29. Sheraton Helioplis Language School; established in 1987 and located in Cairo, Egypt. They provide an environment that develop leaders, scientists, architects, authors etc.
  30. Joseph’s American School; established in 2001 and located in Sham El Sheikh. The school collaborates with students and parents to produce positive better results. It also ensures that the students have the best in terms of teachers, staff and facilities/resources as a catalyst for success.
  31. Sun of Knowledge British International School; they partner with students and the nation of Egypt to ensure they produce the best results possible. They teach their students on how to stand out, believe in themselves and how to handle challenges by providing to them the best all rounded education.
  32. The Continental School of Cairo; it was established in 1994, Cairo Egypt is where the school is situated. The school provides for all students equally to ensure they become the best by producing evident results in academics and extra-curricular activities.
  33. Al Bashaer International School; established in 1994, it is one of the schools that produces quality international education to its learners. They provide the IGCSE exams by Cambridge and Edexcel universities. They also collaborate with German foreign office of cooperation as members of PASCH. They admit from nursery to grade 12.
  34. Al Eman Language Schools; their teachers are well cultured to provide the education that the students need to fulfill their dreams. An environment provided caters for best training and high quality technological knowledge.
  35. Akhnaton School; it was established in 2002, in cairo Egypt is where the school is currently located. They have a hospitable environment and staff/teachers in general. They admit children in premier K-12 sharpening the student’s skills and encouraging them to be their best.
  36. Alfak Al Gadeda International School; they offer their education services from CDC -12. The school also educate the learners on Islamic morals and principles. This institution is an Islamic devoted, American independent school which provides the American diploma to learners from kindergarten to grade 12.
  37. Alfarouk Islamiic Language School; it was discovered in 1986, located in Cairo Egypt. They have successfully increased in number because of the high quality education they offer to their students. The school admits from kindergarten to third secondary school. It has many alumni’s who have emerged to be successful in the society and the world.
  38. Al Hoda Azhar Language School; they try to give and maintain high standards of learning with a diverse cultural heritage. They also honor and respect individuals from different nations and backgrounds.
  39. A karma Language School; it was started in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs, the teachers available are all qualified language teachers. They foster an environment for student to freely express themselves and become what they were meant to be in terms of gifts/talents.
  40. Al Khalil Language School; it started in 2010 and was successfully established with modern equipment and facilities. The school ensures the learners become responsible, critical thinkers and successful members in the society.
  41. Al Yasser Language School; they nurture a dependable environment for students because they staff/teachers are designed to understand and meet the students educational needs accordingly. Their teachers also know every student in the school, this is because of working closely with them.
  42. Al – Andalus Academy; it began in 2011 and it has been able to gain a reputable history when it comes to its academics. They have a special way of delivering their academics in a professional way. Part of their academics is learning Quran, taking Arabic and Quran studies. Furthermore, they have a 15 year experience in what they do.
  43. Alexandria American College; it began in 1999 and it is located in Alexandria, Egypt. They are an independent school taking pre K to grade 12. It is well furnished with the current modern equipment for learning and the necessary departments to ensure that the students don’t lack anything essential tool for learning.
  44. Alexandria International Academy; they are allowed to provide the diploma program by the IB world. The diploma is for students between the ages of 16 – 19. It is one of the reputable universities in the country of Egypt.
  45. Alexandria International School; it is an approved in institution by the ministry of Education in Egypt and the Cambridge local examination syndicate. They offer the IGCSE curricula.
  46. Armenian Catholic Sister’s School; this is among the oldest schools in Egypt having been founded in 1847. Their main aim is to maintain the Armani heritage, culture and the language. It is a catholic school named after the sisters of Armenian Catholic. They offer world class education, inclusive in their studies is the Armani language and Christian religion.
  47. Bedyia International School; they use the wholesome approach in educating students to produce leaders and successful individuals in different subjects. They also have extra curricula activities to tap into the talents/gifts of learners.
  48. Bluebells International School; it is an accredited institution providing the American diploma. They also offer exceptional accommodation, care and therapy to learners. This is done to ensure the learners achieve and produce their best in all sectors offered by the school.
  49. Brilliance Language School; it began in 2002 in Alexandria Egypt. The school main objective is to be the best, by producing successful individuals in the community, by assisting learners to master necessary skills required by the society and world at large.
  50. British Ramses School-Katamya; it did not begin long time ago, 2013 is the year it was founded. They employ and use the Cambridge primary and international General certificate if Secondary school curriculum.
  51. Capital International Schools; they empower every student that is admitted to their school to become an achiever, innovative using the tools that encourage by also providing professional teachers, facilities.
  52. Creative International School; their education is of quality, using both the American and British Curriculums. They also admit from kindergarten to grade 12.
  53. Dar El Tarbiah School; it began in 1958 hence have a vast experience in the education sector. The school uses the American, British and IGSCE curriculums, they also admit from kindergarten – grade 12.
  54. Delta International Language Schools; it is ranked among the best nation-wide when it comes to science inception and space. They have high qualified teaching staff who train Egyptians, Americans and certificates of computer. They keep up with the technology making sure they are at per with it.
  55. Dream International Schools; they opened their door in 2002, the staff is highly motivated to produce the best out of their learners. They encourage a growth, innovative mindset using the American Curriculum.
  56. Egypt British International School; it was founded in 2006 in Cairo, Egypt is where the school is situated. They provide a British curriculum to their students and encourage diversity, different cultures.
  57. Egypt Dream Language School; it started in 2003 in Giza, Egypt. They take children from kindergarten to secondary school stage.
  58. Egypt integrated Schools; the school started in 2000 and has been operation since then, it is situated in Cairo, Egypt. They offer the American and the British curriculum providing a balanced learning environment/education to all students.
  59. Egypt Modern School; it was started in 1999 and it is located in Alexandria, Egypt. They offer a mixed co-education to students from Pre-K to grade 12. They equip students to communicate effectively and promote the best intellectual academic aspect to their learners.
  60. Egyptian American School; it started in 2002 and it employs the American curriculum which is known as the best world-wide. The environment conditions for learning are serene for the students understanding and nurturing. They also encourage students to pursue their goals.
  61. Egyptian English Language School; it also began in 2002, situated in Alexandria Egypt. The school employs three curriculums i.e. the British, American and the IGGSCE. They empower their students to stand out in the world.
  62. El Alsson British & American international School; it started in 1982, the school provides a British unit that is from the age of 3yers to sixth form IGSCE for A levels and also American unit for Pre-S – G12 moreover, providing an option for taking AP courses.
  63. El Fouad International Schools; it started in 2005, having started with 300 students to now expanding to 2000 students. They ensure the learners skills, talents/gifts are nurtured in all aspects. The school also uses the American and British curriculums for learning.
  64. El Roward Language School; their education and learning program is seasoned and they deliver on the foundation of the child by providing the learner with a rich global view- by using a curricular that helps bring out the potential of the learner.
  65. El Zahraa American School; it was founded back in 1993, they offer the curricula that leads to a child’s success. They provide other activities besides academics.
  66. ELM International School; it began in 2015 but established in 2013, situated in Alexandria Egypt. They teach Arabic values as a basic subject, and they also offer the international primary curriculum in nursery school and milepost programs,
  67. Elwy Language Schools; it was founded in 1995. They give the best international education with a warm friendly conducive environment for the students to learn.
  68. Ethos international School; it was started in 2015, they ensure they deliver the best there is in British education.
  69. European Schools of Alexandria; this school is the one responsible for teaching the Egyptian curriculum in English. They allow for the development of the learner with their professional expertise.
  70. Evolution International School; the school has diversity and inclusivity. They work hand in hand with their learners to ensure everything is pit to practice. High quality education is what they give to learners and they also offer the IB diploma program.
  71. Future Rise Language School; situated in Katameya, Ring road, cairo, Egypt. They offer an environment for learning with the best professional teacher to help learners bring out their best and become successful.
  72. Futures International Schools; it was founded in 2001, situated in Alexandria, Egypt. It is a good successful international with best equipment for learning and modern facilities.
  73. Gateway international Montessori School; the school provides a combines American curricula and coed Montessori programs designed to get the learner to understand the different areas tackled in their academics etc. they give the American high school diploma.
  74. GEMS Academy Alexandria; it was established in 2011, located in Alexandria in Egypt. They make sure to hire qualified teachers to manage and teach their students. Their classes have spacious rooms and conducive environment for learning. The security of the learners is also guaranteed.
  75. German School Hurghada; the school aims at the students who speak German and Arabic. They offer a well-designed curriculum aimed at equipping their students to be able to get admission to international universities and become successful.
  76. Gheriany International Schools; they empower their students with the best education and help them to grow and go out to the world to become great citizens in problem solving and leading in their different careers. The teachers and the staff work closely to ensure that the student gain in all sectors available in the school.
  77. Glory American School; they offer a thorough American and global education that chanlllenges the local, regional and global citizenship as a whole. They incorporate the essential necessities that ensures the student gets the best.
  78. Greatness Language School; they take happiness and positive attitude seriously for their students. They also offer a challenging but conducive learning environment for the students. The school has positive all round program suitable for students that are admitted there.
  79. Green Heights International School; it was established over two decades ago and it is situated in Cairo. They provide a combined curriculum that features the National program and international educational program. They are known for successfully balancing the programs and producing best students who later become successful.
  80. Green Land International School; founded in 1994 and situated in Giza, Egypt. It is among the institutions in the world that provide the IB Continuum top notch international education to their learners from kindergarten to high school.
  81. Green Valley School (GVS); it was in 1998 that it was discovered and established, located in El-Obour City. This is one of the prominent schools in Egypt admitting children from Kindergarten to IGCSE (Thanaweya Amma. They provide the best education and also they challenge their learners to be the best.
  82. Hayah International Academy; it was discovered in 2003, and since then it has grown to become a successful international education Centre. The school has respect for diversity and students from all cultures. It also has modern facilities to cater for the student’s needs.
  83. Integrated Thebes American College in cairo; it was established and founded in 1984 however, it officially opened its doors in 1997 as a American sub-division of Thebes international schools. The school has produced successful graduates who have been admitted to Egypt’s top universities.
  84. Integrated Thebes international school; it has created an environment to enhance the learners ability to achieve academically by using certain rules. The school also values the parents input in their learner’s education.
  85. International American school; the school encourages student individual growth in all areas of their life i.e. mental, emotional, physical and intellectual which the school provides through employing the best teaching for the jobs in different school departments. They encourage and equip the learners with tools, knowledge of success.
  86. International British School of Alexandria; it is situated in Alexandria, Egypt. It was established to offer the best quality of British style of learning. The curriculum used is based on the framework by the National Curriculum of England and wales adjusted to be inclusive of cultural practices available in Egypt.
  87. Irish school – Egypt; began is 1997, situated in cairo, Egypt. They encourage innovation from their students and critical thinking, curiosity etc, by providing the most qualified teachers and staff to their learners.
  88. Jana Dan International School; they offer the American education combined with high religion and character development program. They strive to be a global educator by using a program that challenges learners attain success.
  89. La Rose De Lisieux School; it was established in 1950, situated in Cairo, egypt. It provides an all rounded education to learners. The school is also high on values and moral development of students apart from academics.