Best Web Hosting providers for businesses in Kenya


If you want to host your business in Kenya, there are specific web hosting providers to go for. Small businesses only requires low resources unless it’s a busy enterprise. You will spend Ksh 1,000 to Ksh10,000 per year to host your site.

Below is a list of the best web hosting providers for small businesses in Kenya:

  • Hostpinnacle

Hostpinnacle will charge you as low as Ksh 2,999 per year. Their services are excellent,they also provide enough resources for your site.To host your site at Hostpinnacle,follow this link

  • Kenya Website Experts

Another good hosting provider in Kenya is Kenya Website Experts.It offers even dedicated server hosting for big sites.Even if your site gets 10 million visitors per month,Kenya Website Experts will comfortably host it.

Their packages cost as little as Ksh 3,100 per year.

I am also one of their customers and their services are amazing.

To learn more about their packages,follow this link

  • Host Africa

Host Africa offers web hosting services in Kenya, South Africa and in several other parts of Africa. In Kenya there are packages which cost as low as Ksh 420 per month.

Host Africa is one company that will guarantee you excellent services. You won’t wake up one day and find your site not live.

The hosting packages cater for small, medium and big sites.

To learn more about Host Africa,follow this link

  • Sasa Host

Another best hosting provider for your business is Sasa Host. Even as your business grows,you don’t have to worry about resources, you will upgrade to a more superior package.

Sasa Host offers hosting services for as little as Ksh 3,250 per year.

  • Kinsta

Kinsta is specifically for high traffic sites.If your site gets over 1 million visitors and you are wondering which provider is the best,don’t worry,Kinsta will accommodate you.The cost of hosting starts from $30 only per month.

Kinsta hosts WordPress sites only and it’s the best hosting provider for big sites. To learn more about the company, follow this link