Cost of Web Hosting in Uganda


The cost of web hosting in Uganda depends on the amount of traffic a website receives and the resources required for a site. The cost of hosting a new website ranges between UGX 30,000 to UGX 150,000 per year. The cost of hosting high traffic website can go as high as UGX 5 million.

Most web hosting companies require clients to pay annually. This is possible for low traffic websites but for high traffic websites, payment is monthly since most clients won’t afford to pay ones per year.

There are several types of web hosting but the most common ones are WordPress hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Below we provide details of how much it costs to host a website in the leading web hosting providers in Uganda:

  1. Webstar

Shared hosting prices(UGX 50,000 to UGX 150,000 per year)

  1. Jubilee Web Hosting

Jubilee Web Hosting offers free hosting as well as Premium Hosting.Free Hosting comes with the following features:

  • Completely free web hosting. No Credit Card Required.
  • 100 MB of Pure SSD Storage Space.
  • 20 GB of Monthly Bandwidth / Data Transfer.
  • 1 Website, 1 Email Account, 1 Database and FTP Account.
  • SSL Certificate to Secure Your Website and Boost Your SEO.
  • 1-Click CloudFlare Activation to Enhance Your Website Speed and Security.
  • Email Spam Filters to Protect You from the Internet Scam.
  • EASY TO USE Control Panel (cPanel) to Manage Your Free Web Hosting Account.
  • FREE SEO & Marketing Tools to Boost Your Search Engine Visibility and Ranking.
  • 450+ Softaculous Web Apps e.g WordPress, Joomla etc Installable with 1 Click.

The premium hosting prices are as follows:

Shared hosting pricing(UGX 49613 to UGX 598,842 per year)

VPS Hosting(UGX 18,810 to UGX 151,810 per month)

Dedicated Server(UGX 224200 to UGX 452,200 per month)

  1. Crystal Web Hosting

Shared web hosting pricing(UGX 50,000 to UGX 230,000 per year)

Dedicated web hosting pricing(UGX 500,000 to UGX 3,000,000 per month)

  1. Webhosting256

Web hosting prices(UGX 70,000 to UGX 250,000 per year)

  1. Sasa Host Uganda

Shared hosting pricing(UGX 40,000 to UGX 176,000 per month)

Dedicated Server Hosting pricing (UGX 720,000 to UGX 1,504,000 per month)

Those prices are just for the top web hosting companies in Uganda. You can pick any of the companies and start hosting your blog.