1 million views YouTube income in Qatar


Qatar is one of the countries where YouTube pays decent income to content creators. The income for 1 million views range between $2000 and $10,000.Difference in income originates from niche of a site, geographical location of the traffic, time spent on the video and niche of your content.

More than 90% of content creators earn $3000 per 1 million views. For one to push the income to at least $7, 000, the content must get more than 50% of the views from USA.Traffic from USA is of the highest quality.

The content must also cover high paying niches like real estate, making money online, loans, games, mortgages and business.

When creating videos, consider quality. High quality videos which are also informative or entertaining ensure viewers are glued to the end. The longer a visitor views your video the more money you make. If all your videos are viewed more than 90% of their length, then you’ll be sure of making above $4000 per 1 million views.

To get 1 million views is not easy, your content must be good. For you to reach this number of views, you should have more than 50,000 subscribers such that each video you post gets at least 10,000 views from your subscribers. You should also post at least 1 video per day. Of course some of the videos may not get a lot of views, but others will get even more than 1 million views.Cumulatively,if the total number of videos in your channel are100 and average views per video are 10,000,you will comfortably get 1 million views that month.

The length of your videos will also determine the income of your channel. Videos which are longer than 10 minutes earn more than those shorter than 5 minutes.